17 Dec
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Last Minute His & Hers Christmas Gift Guide

If you’re like me and feel like you’d lose your head if it wasn’t attached then you’re probably in for that last Christmas shopping rush. So, I figured a little last minute his & hers gift guide might come handy. OK, OK it’s pretty much my wish list with a few men’s items added in there (notice the color palette?). I hope it comes in handy to all you last minute shoppers out there. Or for those of you that haven’t started yet.

Good luck to you and happy holiday prep!


  1. Camp Brand Goods Sweatshirt. I love this brand, it has the coziest sweatshirts out there, perfect for your bearded dude. No actual camping necessary.
  2. Acorelle Eau De Parfum. 100% natural fragrance for the lady in your life. I love the more citrusy, clean stuff but there are warmers scents available.
  3. Vanity Fair subscription. Honestly, I can’t really think of a better gift than this (except maybe one or two ;-) ). Perfect for ladies and gents.
  4. Wildfox sweatshirt. It’s cozy, it’s sexy, it’s got a great slogan and it’s perfect for chilly winter days when all you want to do is snuggle. Enough said.
  5. J. Crew cashmere gloves. Ahhh, cashmere…
  6. Leather flask. Because it’s so utterly cool and masculine.
  7. Kate Spade New York watch. Maybe if I had this watch, I’d never be late again. Maybe. Probably not though, who am I kidding.
  8. Feed Wine Bag. I don’t know why but I think this is just the coolest gift ever. Not to mention it’s for a good cause.

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12 Dec

Christmas Gift Guide: For The Littlest Ones


Gift guides for kiddies are always the toughest because there is just so many adorable things out there. I started out with gifts for the littlest ones because that’s how I began my Xmas shopping. Not to mention there wasn’t much room for interpretation when it came to Lara’s wishlist. We wrote a pretty clear letter to Santa so whether I like it or not, her list is set in stone and it includes a ton of princess dolls and some Peppa Pig. Lev’s however, I could totally have fun with :-)

  1. Rylee & Cru jumpsuit. This is a completely new brand of utterly cool kid and baby clothes. I’ve been waiting for it to launch and as expected, it was instant obsession.
  2. Hape Zebra walker. I love the look of this walker and am thinking of getting it for Lev once he starts bouncing around on his feet.
  3. Plateau Tibet booties. I’ve been searching everywhere for a pair of winter booties for Lev. For a while there I was thinking of just getting him a pair of Uggs but decided to try something different. I also like EZ Peasy but couldn’t easily put them on his little chubby feet :-) Then I found Plateu Tibet. Genuine leather, super comfy and cute, plus a purchase helps the artisans in the region. And they’re super easy to pull on! (Sizing is a little big though so I would just take the actual size instead of going up)
  4. Little Giraffe Sleepy G. Lara and Lev love their Little Giraffe plush toys. They really are the softest and I’ve recently had to put both in the washer AND dryer and they’re just as perfect as before so definitely worth it.
  5. Tegu Magnetic Robo. I’m obsessed with these magnetic wooden blocks and have ordered some for Lev already. Now, I’m just waiting for us to start playing with it. I got them through Amazon UK.
  6. Tiny Cottons Beanie.
  7. BlaBla Bamboo Bear Doll.
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1 Dec
M's World

Taking Stock (December Edition)


I know I’ve been saying this over and over but I promise life is getting to me big time. The blog refresh that I talked about here is taking a little longer than expected (but it’s coming along – so good news!) and time is just going, going, going. We’ve got a million things going on and the holidays are coming up and truthfully I’m just looking forward to going home to Slovenia for a few days and recharge. We haven’t been home since Lara’s birthday in April and some of our family members have yet to meet baby Lev.

I’ll try not to be too whiny and keep this post positive so I’ve decided to partake in the Taking Stock exercise. Since today is December 1st, I figured it was a great way to take a look at where I am currently and what we’ve been up to, but in a slightly different way.

Gift guides will also be up this week. And I’m hoping that despite the fact that we haven’t been posting regularly you might find some great ideas for your loved ones in there!

Making : Memories. The past few months haven’t been the most productive in a traditional sense but I’ve been most efficient in making family memories I’ll cherish forever.
Cooking : Apple tarts. At least twice a week. God help us.
Drinking : Tons of decaf coffee. I’m trying to avoid caffeine just in case it might help the little guy sleep better. It’s not really working but I’m nothing if not persistent.
Reading: A variety of different books. Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind Of Girl, Siblings Without Rivalry, and I’ve got a few romance novels in there too.
Wanting: Bangs. Despite my better judgement.
Looking: Probably tired.
Playing: With Disney Princess dolls. Actually playing with all kinds of princess like figurines.
Deciding: On going back to school…
Wishing: For a peaceful trip back home. First time traveling with two little ones. Airports and planes, please go easy on us.
Waiting: For this dreary rain to stop.
Liking: The Christmas spirit in Montpellier.
Loving: My family.
Pondering: Where the time goes…
Watching: Lev learn and master new things every day.
Marvelling: At how I can be in bed at 9 PM like a child and fall asleep immediately.
Needing: More hours in a day.
Smelling: Baby. Oh I dread the day that baby smell goes away.
Wearing: My hair up ALL THE TIME because someone pulls on it constantly.
Noticing: How big Lara is getting. These days it’s all about playing with friends, boys from school (again, God help us), and asserting more and more independence.
Thinking: I should probably get started on lunch. And shower :-)
Admiring: Lara. For taking on her big sister role so wonderfully it actually made me cry the other day.
Buying: Christmas presents.
Getting: Excited for the upcoming holidays.
Bookmarking: Tons of things for blog posts, Christmas gifts, recipes…
Disliking: The fact that my other half will be away for an entire month come January.
Giggling: A lot.
Feeling: Happy but tired!

Happy December everyone!

xoxo Masha

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11 Nov

My Next Christmas Favorites


When I was on my maternity leave, I have become a big fan of online shopping. The reason why was because it was very convenient. I truly wished to enjoy the daytime with my little one and instead of going to the store in search for something (if that something could even be found) I could freely enjoy the daytime with Mark and buy anything I want once he was asleep. So in that period of time I discovered an amazing UK online store Next. Continue reading »

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4 Nov
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Our 3-Day Weekend

On Friday, there was a holiday in Slovenia, so no work for mommy. Therefore, I kind of tried to make some plans for the long(er) weekend. First, Mark and I had to do some grocery shopping and I must tell you he is an expert in that and he is not even 2 years old!

IMG_7455Then we had some family time planned and I ended up the night with some Halloween pumpkin carving.

On Saturday, we went to the ZOO. It was so much fun! We got to see a two-week old little zebra, camels hanging out with horses, baby chickens being born, etc.  Mark even got to brush little goat in the “kindergarten for animals” area. Continue reading »

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