27 Aug

Best Lip Product Ever


I’ve written a few posts on best lip products and what works for me and my super dry lips already but I just wanted to tell you a little bit about a product that I began using a few months ago, which literally trasnformed my lips practically overnight. Or a few nights, let’s say. I’ve heard about Nuxe’s Reve de Miel a few times already but never got around to trying it out. Thus far the only thing that has ever worked for my chapped lips has been my trusty regular Labello or the Kiehl’s lip balm, neither of which dried my lips out even further like other chapsticks do but they did kind of sit on top of my lips without getting really absorbed. It’s also really difficult to apply lipstick after a product like that, unless it’s a gloss.

IMG_0524I decided to try out Reve de Miel pretty much on whim as I was buying some other stuff at a local pharmacy. But once I applied it that night before bedtime, it became instantly clear it was a great product. Since I began using it, I’ve even been able to start using matte lipsticks, which is something that was unheard of before. Matte used to really bring out the dryness of my lips and just looked terrible. Well, not anymore. Reve de Miel is made with honey and nourishing precious oils, without any parabens and 78% of its ingredients such as honey, shea butter, almond oil, musk rose, and sunflower are all-natural.  I apply it every night before bed and right before I start doing my makeup so by the time I get to the lipstick par (if I’m using any that is), my lips are soft and moisturized.

At 11,25€ here in France, it can be a bit pricey for a lip product but you get soooo much out of it. I’m on my first jar and I’m not even halfway through.

If you’ve got dry lips I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

You can get it pretty much everywhere, from Amazon to Nuxe’s official websites.

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