11 Nov

My Next Christmas Favorites


When I was on my maternity leave, I have become a big fan of online shopping. The reason why was because it was very convenient. I truly wished to enjoy the daytime with my little one and instead of going to the store in search for something (if that something could even be found) I could freely enjoy the daytime with Mark and buy anything I want once he was asleep. So in that period of time I discovered an amazing UK online store Next. Continue reading »

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4 Nov
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Our 3-Day Weekend

On Friday, there was a holiday in Slovenia, so no work for mommy. Therefore, I kind of tried to make some plans for the long(er) weekend. First, Mark and I had to do some grocery shopping and I must tell you he is an expert in that and he is not even 2 years old!

IMG_7455Then we had some family time planned and I ended up the night with some Halloween pumpkin carving.

On Saturday, we went to the ZOO. It was so much fun! We got to see a two-week old little zebra, camels hanging out with horses, baby chickens being born, etc.  Mark even got to brush little goat in the “kindergarten for animals” area. Continue reading »

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3 Nov
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Our Halloween Weekend

This is the first year Lara went trick or treating with her friends and by Wednesday last week it was becoming a little difficult to contain her excitement about Friday. She was asking/confirming with me every five minutes that our plans for Friday were still on, despite the fact that we were all kind of struggling with colds and exhaustion for the entire week. She also took a few hour art class every day and did theater so by the time Halloween rolled around she was in full drama mode and ready to step into her role as Elsa. Lev and I took advantage while Lara was in her class and we explored Montpellier a little more. I’m a little embarrassed about how little of it I’ve actually seen over the past almost five years so these classes downtown have really been great for all of us. We also saw the Claude Viallat exhibition at the museum, which was so beautiful and colorful. Lara and I loved it, Lev slept through it, everyone was happy.


viallat Continue reading »

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31 Oct

Kate Spade NY x Jack Spade x GapKids


So, I woke up this morning and thought I was still dreaming when I saw this. Now, I thought dreaming was strange since I haven’t done so in months because I don’t fall asleep long enough to actually dream but still, there’s no way this is actually happening, right? Alas, it is! And I have no clue how I didn’t get word of this sooner… oh my!

The Kate Spade NY x Jack Spade x GapKids capsule collection has arrived, just in time for you to get into that early Christmas spirit. I just love every single piece from it (it’s sort of right up Lara’s alley)! Signature fun Kate Spade colors, lovely prints, cute phrases, I could go on and on and on. No, really I could!

Enjoy! And happy Halloween, we’re going trick or treating!

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29 Oct
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My Home Remedies


So many plans for this week (blog posts included-sorry), but then illness came around for a visit. So I thought to myself, why not share a few of my home pharmacy recipes with you. That way when you have plans and they get put on hold you can just pop into your kitchen and whip up something soothing!


  • Peel potato, slice it and put those slices in the socks. I usually do that before bedtime.
  • Coconut water cools down the body from the inside out. In my case, it works every single time.


  • A spoon of honey and cinnamon on the top of it. For kids I suggest to mix well these two ingredients together. (Remember NO honey though for kids under the age of 1.)


  • Create a sauna in your bathroom. Splash bathroom tiles with water, pour hot water in the tub and then you either relax in the tub (when the water cools off a little of course) or just stay in the bathroom for a bit.
  • Homemade syrup made out of young spruce sprigs is the best. It’s really easy to make, just put one layer of spruce sprigs, one layer of sugar (use white because brown doesn’t melt as nicely), another layer of sprigs and another layer of sugar. Once you’ve filled up the jar simply put out in the sunshine or somewhere warm until the sugar melts, drain the spruce sprigs and transfer.


  • Frequent hot showers over your boobies for about 10 minutes. Also, during these showers massage the painful part of the boob.
  • Get some cabbage. Beat cabbage leaves like you would beat the meat and put the leaves on your breast; easiest in the bra for a couple of hours.
  • Put a hot water pouch over the painful part of your boob. I would usually just lay over it during the night.


  • Make tea from dry blueberries. What I do is I put two tablespoons of dried blueberries in a 1/4l of water and bring to a boil, then cook for another 10 minutes on low heat. Cool and drink several times a day. It works wonders!

I hope none of you have to deal with any of the above, but if you do…remember some of these natural approaches can be found in everyone’s kitchen. It saves you the trip to the pharmacy and they are all natural.

xOxO Leja

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