31 Oct

Kate Spade NY x Jack Spade x GapKids


So, I woke up this morning and thought I was still dreaming when I saw this. Now, I thought dreaming was strange since I haven’t done so in months because I don’t fall asleep long enough to actually dream but still, there’s no way this is actually happening, right? Alas, it is! And I have no clue how I didn’t get word of this sooner… oh my!

The Kate Spade NY x Jack Spade x GapKids capsule collection has arrived, just in time for you to get into that early Christmas spirit. I just love every single piece from it (it’s sort of right up Lara’s alley)! Signature fun Kate Spade colors, lovely prints, cute phrases, I could go on and on and on. No, really I could!

Enjoy! And happy Halloween, we’re going trick or treating!

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29 Oct
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My Home Remedies


So many plans for this week (blog posts included-sorry), but then illness came around for a visit. So I thought to myself, why not share a few of my home pharmacy recipes with you. That way when you have plans and they get put on hold you can just pop into your kitchen and whip up something soothing!


  • Peel potato, slice it and put those slices in the socks. I usually do that before bedtime.
  • Coconut water cools down the body from the inside out. In my case, it works every single time.


  • A spoon of honey and cinnamon on the top of it. For kids I suggest to mix well these two ingredients together. (Remember NO honey though for kids under the age of 1.)


  • Create a sauna in your bathroom. Splash bathroom tiles with water, pour hot water in the tub and then you either relax in the tub (when the water cools off a little of course) or just stay in the bathroom for a bit.
  • Homemade syrup made out of young spruce sprigs is the best. It’s really easy to make, just put one layer of spruce sprigs, one layer of sugar (use white because brown doesn’t melt as nicely), another layer of sprigs and another layer of sugar. Once you’ve filled up the jar simply put out in the sunshine or somewhere warm until the sugar melts, drain the spruce sprigs and transfer.


  • Frequent hot showers over your boobies for about 10 minutes. Also, during these showers massage the painful part of the boob.
  • Get some cabbage. Beat cabbage leaves like you would beat the meat and put the leaves on your breast; easiest in the bra for a couple of hours.
  • Put a hot water pouch over the painful part of your boob. I would usually just lay over it during the night.


  • Make tea from dry blueberries. What I do is I put two tablespoons of dried blueberries in a 1/4l of water and bring to a boil, then cook for another 10 minutes on low heat. Cool and drink several times a day. It works wonders!

I hope none of you have to deal with any of the above, but if you do…remember some of these natural approaches can be found in everyone’s kitchen. It saves you the trip to the pharmacy and they are all natural.

xOxO Leja

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28 Oct
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Lara’s Favorite Books

We’ve been spending a lot of time in bookstores lately, Lara loves to sit in one of those kiddie corners and just browse. So, I thought I’d give you a few of our current favorites. She also likes showing them to Lev, just like a teacher would and while he kind of just stares at her and revels in the attention, she says he’s a very good student :-)

  1. Le Loup Qui Voulait Changer De Coueleur (The Wolf Who Wanted To Change His Color) by Orianne Lallemand et Eléonore Thuillier – We have quite a few books from this popular series about the wolf but this one about the wolf who wanted to change his color is our current favorite. It introduces kids to different colors and days of the week (the wolf changes his color every day). We have the French/English version, which has both French and English text, as well as an English sound narration.
  2. Greek Myhts for Young Children – Greek mythology was one of my favorite things to read when I was younger so I really wanted a book that would enable me to introduce the myths to Lara. This one has fun illustrations and easy to understand stories. Perfect for bedtime.
  3. Famous Paintings (My Very First Art) by Rosie Dickins – We got this one this summer, after Lara took a week long art class that introduced the kids to a different famous painter each day. She really loved it so we found this book at a local bookstore. It explains a little bit about each painting, the artist, the technique and then has a bunch of exercises for kids to do that exposes them to the technique of the artist.
  4. Un Livre (Press Here) by Hervé Tullet – This book is so much fun! There’s a bunch of Hervé Tullet books in the bookstore we go to but this one is the first one we picked up. Lara might be a little big for it by now but she still likes to go over it and I’m sure Lev will love it too. You can check out all the other Hervé Tullet books here or here. He’s incredible!

All our books are in French (with the exception of the first one, which is in French and English) but all of them are available in English as well.

Any favorites from your little ones? The bookstore is kind of our favorite place so we’d love some suggestions.

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23 Oct
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Around Here…

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I’ve got to be honest here, just when I think I have things under control they go a little bit bananas. Kind of like this week for example: first I had a little bout with fever myself Monday night. One minute we’re having a double date night with amazing food and the next I’m shivering underneath the covers trying to figure out just how it is that I’m so cold when everyone else seems to be sweating. I’m going to go ahead an attribute this one to an incredibly sore breast and the fact that I haven’t slept for more that two hours in one piece in months.

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Then Lev had his 4 month check up on Tuesday and the second round of vaccines, which he didn’t appreciate AT ALL. Let’s just say he cried more over the past two days than he had in the previous four months. My poor lil big fella. Then Lara crawled in our bed at around 3 AM last night, cough in full gear and a runny stuffed nose that resulted in a lovely un-ladylike snore (but I didn’t tell her that) and a nasty headache, which she described like this: “My forehead huuuuurts baaaad!”. So, not a good week so far for this trio. Vid is still holding on but I suspect that’s because he doesn’t really have a choice in the matter and his body just knows it.

Anyhow, when it rains it pours, and this week it’s pouring here. But we’re trooping on, because we’re troopers and the weather has been so nice that it’s not really pouring, and a new playground has been built in the zoo, which is just amazing and we might have to be there every day for the remainder of the fall holidays, runny noses and crankiness be damned. And a new Elsa dress was finally delivered earlier this week, and pumpkins need to be carved, more pies need to be baked and, and, and, there’s basically just too much to be done for us to be slowed down by such silly issues like transitional colds, sore boobs, and post shots crankiness.

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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Date night! But first let me take a selfie in order to properly document the use of lipstick. When it happens as seldom as it does here, photographic evidence is of uttermost importance.

Date night! But first let me take a selfie in order to properly document the use of lipstick. When it happens as seldom as it does here, photographic evidence is of uttermost importance.

But despite life going all bananas, I’m just loving it so much right now.

Take that!

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18 Oct
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Style Lemon Chat: Niko Klansek & The FLYKLY SMART WHEEL

One of the changes we’re working on over here at Style Lemon is to focus on products that are more eco and people friendly, all in an effort to strive towards a greener and more organic lifestyle. And this next post and interview are the very beginning of that.

nikoGo green, go modern, go FlyKly Smart Wheel. Back in 2011, Niko Klansek, CEO and founder of FlyKly, introduced the FlyKly electric bicycles to the US market. The idea was well accepted, but since Niko is one of those people who always look for the better and bigger, a true think-outside-the-box person, he hasn’t stopped there. With the help of his team he developed the FlyKly Smart Wheel and today we are happy to have Niko as our interview guest.


Style Lemon: Niko, would you please shortly describe what exactly the FlyKly Smart Wheel is and how the idea for it was born?

Niko: FlyKly Smart Wheel is an all-in-one paddle assist that turns any bicycle into a smart bicycle. The idea for it was born through the FlyKly electric bicycle. To be honest, from the practical point of view, wherever I would go with a bicycle I would get sweaty and felt unpresentable for the meeting.

Style Lemon: The idea for this project was presented on Kickstarter. Your goal was to reach $100,000 within 40 days and you reached that number in just 35 hours. Tell me about this experience? By the way, the project reached high $701,239 at the end.

Niko: We were really surprised and on the other hand very flattered that so many people believed in us.

Style Lemon: Was a celebration in order?

Niko: When the campaign was finished, we were sitting with the team and getting our website launched, so at that moment we were happy and at the same time we felt a big responsibility.


Style Lemon: First, it was “just” a FlyKly Smart Wheel, now it has that true value added to it. Which levels of smart have you already met and which ones are you still in the progress of making?

Niko: The FlyKly Smart Wheel, Smart Light and Smart Application are just the beginning of the FlyKly vision. All these products are available at flykly.com. FlyKly wants to improve the way we commute and make the cities more people friendly.

Style Lemon: You also work on other projects, such as E4B, SportBoard and BizMe. Where does this drive come from?

Niko: I love to work on different projects with different people and I really love to help and share my knowledge. For example, BizMe is a new project I have just started and it helps projects with advising and funding.

Style Lemon: How do you manage it all together?

Niko: It’s easy. I do what I love.

Style Lemon: Is there a person, thing or a book that you’ve found particularly inspirational on your journey?

Niko: I used to play basketball, so Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson. And then in business, my family is my inspiration and people that have done remarkable things that have changed the world for the better place.

Style Lemon: What’s next for Niko Klansek, new products, ideas…?

Niko: I just want to continue to grow and make many different projects successful.

Style Lemon: Since you had lived most of your life in New York City can you let us in on some of your favorite spots or favorite things about the city?

Niko: Favorite things about the city are people and the energy. Favorite spots: a hot dog place in Nolita called Asiadog, living in Soho and riding a bicycle around Hudson River Park.

Style Lemon: Any final thoughts?

Niko: We are living in a place and time of history where it’s on us to make our habits and lifestyle sustainable. So FlyKly is just a little part of this and we hope to inspire people and make the difference.

Style Lemon: Niko, thank you very much for taking the time today. Style Lemon wishes you a lot success in the future and hopefully the world becomes not only modern, but also greener thanks to you.

Niko: Thanks for having me and welcome to visit our website.


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