28 Apr

Load Up On Sunscreen!

acorelle-bio-sunscreenA few years ago I did a post on sunscreens and I just thought it was high time for a little recap. Lara got a bit of sun last week when she was out for the day with her scooter and I’ve been annoyed with myself ever since for not putting sunscreen on her. Her skin is super, super sensitive and we really do our best to lather on sunscreen, especially during those hot summer days.

It’s been sunny and warm here but we’re not in that full Southern France spring yet so I just wasn’t even thinking about it. She’s had a nice little tan since so it’s not that bad but still, it won’t happen again!

I’ve been using Mustela suncare on both Lara and Lev for the past couple of years because it’s great for sensitive skin and they’ve both tolerated it really well. This year I got them an organic sunscreen from Acorelle. I’ve heard great stuff about it and since it’s all natural and icky free I decided to give it a try. It’s a bit pricey I realize but finding a good organic 50SPF that’s super affordable is no easy feat. You can use it with babies of 3 months and up and obviously older kids.

I’ve also heard good things about this Jason sunscreen but I haven’t tried it yet and I know Green People has some great options too but they go up to 30SPF maximum and for kids, higher just makes me feel better.

What type of suncare do you use for your kids? If you have any organic suggestions, I’d love to have them.

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