23 Aug

Mealtime Fun With Bandjo


I don’t know how it is at your house but chez nous, mealtime is a super production. With Lara being an incredibly picky eater and Lev being a great eater but who gets easily distracted and quickly finds better things to do than food, I really try and keep things interesting.

That includes the dishware and the plates and utensils that we use. I can’t even begin to tell you the difference I see when I give Lev the spoon with the choo choo train on it. Rest assured that yoghurt will be gone soon. And the same with Lara, as soon as I ask her to choose her plate she gets more interested in lunch or dinner and that means she’ll probably eat a little more than her usual bird like portions.

So when I brought home these Bandjo soup & bowl sets they looooved it. Lara has the pink bird (totally appropriate) and Lev has the elephant (also appropriate). And I could swear mealtimes are a lot easier and funner with these around.

bandjo-freeWe’re also running a promotion on Lemon Mamas right now, so if you’re looking for cute dishes for the little ones, it’s the perfect time. For every purchase of a Bandjo soup & bowl set we’ll give you a free Bandjo placemat to go with.

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