11 Feb

LoraFolk x Monoprix


The French Monoprix kind of reminds me of the American Target. They do some truly awesome collaborations and I feel like every time I go in there I come out with something I probably didn’t really need but that sure is pretty.


Their latest collection is in partnership with Lorafolk. A gorgeous brand that designs such beautiful, uniqe and slightly folky/bohemian wedding dresses. The collection is just so incredibly sweet and obviously wedding inspired, so if you are a bride to-be but don’t necessarily want to splurge on a dress or accessories you absolutely must check it out. I kind of wish it came out last year when I was getting married and struggling to find flat shoes for the after party and treats for my bridesmaids.


The collection is a mix of pastels and lace, done in a very soft and dreamy, signature Lorafolk way.

I absolutely love it and have already picked out these adorable sneakers for Lara! Yes, the collaboration extends to kids, babies and even home decor so if you’re looking for a special dress for your flower girl or maybe just a little something dressier, it is so worth it.



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