18 Apr
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7 Month Bump Update

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A little almost seven months bump update for you all! I have to say that I had a REALLY good second trimester, despite my brief hospital visit (which I took full advantage of to book my bed for June!). I had tons of energy and generally felt good all around. That said, now that I’m in my last trimester, I’m definitely starting to feel the effects. I’ve been a little more tired again lately and if the house was clean between December and April, it’s now back to its usual mess (sorry guests!). I’ve also had a hormonal crank attack or two this week but I suspect that was due to a nasty headache that was a result of the cold I’m fighting.

It’s been getting difficult to get comfy too so my nights are pretty restless with some pretty annoying bouts of insomnia. My trusty maternity pillow has been helping a bit with the backache as is yoga but I’ve got to say, carrying this bump around has taken a bit of a toll on my back muscles. I try to take a few soothing baths in the evening to relax my muscles a bit and that’s helped too but other than that I think I’m just going to have to wait for the little mister to make an appearance before it gets back to normal. If you have any other tips on what might help, this mama will be very grateful!

In terms of preparations for the little one, we’re slowly stocking up and are pretty much all set in terms of baby gear. I haven’t gotten around to buying baby clothes just yet as we’ve been super busy but I’m hoping I’ll have more time to do that come May and June. The baby is due towards the end of June so I’m stil figuring out what would be best weather wise. It gets pretty hot here in Montpellier so I don’t want to stock up on too many things that I won’t be able to use after.

All in all, I haven’t actually entered the “baby is coming ” anxiety zone yet but knowing myself I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen in the next month or so and then… Well, let’s just say it’ll be fun :-)

P.S These third trimester GIFs made me LOL. Also, the best maternity shorts, you’ll be able to wear after pregnancy as well (I’m obsessed!).

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15 Apr
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A Few Things I’m Loving Today + A SHOPBOP Sale!


As a little after-Monday Tuesday pick me up, I wanted to give you a few of my favorite links from the web from this week. I’ve been saving some of these babies since Friday, I just didn’t get around to it yet. Must be the spring air, sunshine and an endless to-do list…

Have an amazing rest of the day :-)

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14 Apr
Jewelry & Accesories

Handmade Jewelry From Shlomit Ofir


After a super fun weekend of seeing friends, birthday parties and GREAT weather I’m feeling recharged for the busy week ahead. So, I figured we’d start our Monday off with some cute handmade jewelry finds I scouted over the weekend from the Shlomit Ofir Etsy shop. I mean what are post yoga Friday nights for if not for going down the Etsy rabbit hole?

Besides with the warm weather and summer just around the corner it’s time to pull out those short sleeves and start stacking on those bracelets and rings.

Shlomit Ofir has a pretty incredible selection and I was having a hard time picking out a few favorites but I did crush particularly hard on these Tulum stacking rings, the lovebirds bracelet and the long arctic necklace, which would be just perfect for summer accessorizing.

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11 Apr
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Fall In Love With Little Giraffe


A little while ago I was introduced to an incredibly adorable brand called Little Giraffe. For someone who admittedly has People.com bookmarked on the computer (it’s my guilty little pleasure, give me a break), I can’t believe I haven’t come across from it before. Especially since, Suri Cruise totes their beloved toy giraffe “Little G” everywhere!

And boy have I been missing out. Little Giraffe offers a wide range of products, from cuddly plush toys to adorable baby clothes, blankets, blankys and muslin swaddlers. And more recently they’ve also created a collection for your home and let me tell you IT IS AMAZING. I already have an imaginary wish list of items I’d want for the apartment (hello Luxe Leopard throw!), for Lara (hello the most adorable bathrobe ever!) and of course for the baby on the way. Especially for the baby on the way because I practically melted when I saw their layette collection. We’re talking 100 % organic cotton and such cute prints!


“Little G” (called Zumba at our house) is now also Lara’s little companion and it’s probably one of the best made plush toys we’ve owned. And we’re very selective when it comes to these because I wash them often so they don’t collect too much dust and contribute to all kinds of silly annoying issues like allergies etc. But enough talk, I’ll let you see for yourselves… Continue reading »

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10 Apr
KiddiesShoes & Bags

Let’s Talk Diaper Bags

Functionality meets cute meets justifying cost per wear is essential for me when it comes to diaper bags.

When I was pregnant with Lara, I ended up getting a diaper bag at the very last moment (because at the time I wasn’t even aware that there was such a thing) and it turned out to be the most inconvenient changing bag ever. It was too big, uncomfortable to carry on the shoulder, which was particularly annoying when I had my hands full, and the insulation pockets weren’t all that great, leaving water too warm or too cold in a matter of minutes. I decided to be a little more prepared the second time around and have basically been doing baby bag research ever since.


I’m probably going to go for something neutral and practical that I’ll be able to use once we’re out of the diaper zone as well, so I’ve narrowed it down to the selection below.


1. Marc By Marc Jacobs Eliza Baby Bag 2. Timi & Leslie Hannah Pewter (available here for EU) 3. Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall 4. Stokke Changing Bag 5. Baby Beau Coco Bag (ON SALE!) 6. Storksak Triangle Tote 7. Rebecca Minkoff Marissa Baby Bag 8. BabyMel Jumbo Dot Satchel

I love the Marc By Marc Jacobs Eliza bag but it’s very, very roomy and I’m worried it might be a bit too big if I’m holding a baby and running after Lara all at the same time (which is totally bound to happen by the way!). The Timi & Leslie Hannah bag is super stylish and doesn’t look like a diaper bag AT ALL, which is always a plus for the previously mentioned post diaper period. I’ve also been really into the BabyMel satchels; they’re not overly big but are super practical and perfect for storing all the essentials.

Another great option if you need lots of room is the Storksak tote, which is on the bigger side and has a great built in bottle holder that can keep fluids warm or cool for up to four hours. Our baby is due in the summer so thermal insulation is an important part of what I’m looking for in a baby bag. The Baby Beau Coco bag is another great find that doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all but it’s slightly on the smaller side compared to other diaper bags, which could be difficult for those first few months when you’re toting around pretty much an entire supply of diapers, bottles, baby wipes and toys.

Then there’s the Petunia Pickle Bottom. The reason I like this one so much is because it has a super functional changing mat that’s attached right onto the bag making changing diapers on-the-go incredibly practical. Plus it means extra space inside the bag itself.

Again, decisions decisions…

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