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My Birth Story


I’ve set out to write this post soooo many times in the course of the past two months but with a baby that nurses every two hours or so, an energetic four year old and a boyfriend who just started his pre-season training, I haven’t had much time left for blogging. Truthfully I didn’t mind as much either because I really wanted to fully enjoy these first few weeks and just snuggle with my baby and my family. And it’s been soooo amazing but I’ve kind of been missing my virtual home as well, so here I am. I can’t promise to be back full time until Lara starts school again in September but I’ll try to stop by with a few post until then.

And the post I want to start with is my birth story.

So this baby boy of mine already has a penchant for adventure I think. For some reason he decided to flip in the 37th week and turned back up with his tushy down. After he was head down for most of my pregnancy, I was sort of hoping to have a similar delivery as I had with Lara but once we found out he was breech, a C-section naturally became a big possibility. After discussing it with my doctor and since Lev is my second baby we decided we would still try and deliver him naturally and avoid the C-section if possible. I was sincerely hoping that was going to be the case and I tried to mentally prepare myself so I would be able to give a 100% once the time came. When delivering a breech baby, the whole process needs to be very quick since the head is the last to come out. However, after having contractions every night for almost two weeks without them progressing to labor, I sort of figured we were going to just have to do a scheduled C-section. And then finally, on June 20th, our little baby boy decided it was time to get moving. The contractions got stronger and it seemed that we were going to be able to deliver according to plan. However, on June 21st after a full night of labor, lots of breathing, walking, playing Candy Crush (Vid) and figuring out, which position would make the contractions hurt less, and then ultimately an epidural, it became clear that a natural delivery just won’t be possible. By 10 AM or so labor stagnated completely as I wasn’t dilating anymore and the baby even climbed back up instead of dropping.  And so, in the end, little Lev was born at 10.32 AM on June 21st via a Caesarean section.

Having a C-section is obviously an entirely different experience than a regular delivery and I admit I was quite afraid when it came down to it. Fortunately, thanks to my amazing doctor, everything went smoothly both for the baby and ultimately myself as well. I did, however, have a hard time immediately after. I was exhausted and in pain and I found it hard not to be able to hold the baby immediately and the fact that I couldn’t carry or change him for two days after that. On the other hand I was really happy that Vid got to do all of that first this time around so he was able to get that special experience that I had with Lara.

I will never forget the first moment they showed him to me though, so that I could give him a kiss before they took him to be with his daddy. He was and continues to be the most beautiful baby boy and at that moment I couldn’t have been more excited. I was so anxious to get to him and hold him. I almost forgot how just emotional giving birth is but at that moment it all came running right back. The elation, love and pure joy – it’s unlike anything else and I’m so grateful I was able to experience it all again.

We then spent, what seemed like hours in the recovery room before we were able to get to where Lev and I would be staying for the next few days. I still couldn’t really feel anything from below the waist but at this point I could already hold and breastfeed the little one so I was a bit calmer. I still remember thinking a lot about Lara as well in those moments.  For some reason I was missing her like crazy, although it’s been less than a day since we told her we were going to the hospital.

Vid brought her in for a visit later that day so she could meet her baby brother for the first time. She was very cautious with him and kept saying how little he was but she still wanted to see if she could hold him immediately. I can’t say that Vid and I we were ever happier than to see our little family so complete at that moment.

The next few weeks were a bit touch and go and we’re still adjusting to our new life as a family of four with our good days and our “less good” days but I have to say one of the most beautiful parts for me is to see just how sweet Lara is with Lev and how he smiles back at her. The exhaustion, piles of laundry and an even more chaotic house than before – all that is temporary (I hope), but I’m hoping we’ll always feel as connected to each other and as loved as we do now.

Here are a few pictures from that day (and night), and just in case you feel like it, here is my first birth story of baby Lara. Yeah, that one was a lot easier!

photo 2(2)

Happy 2 months baby boy! You’re amazing <3

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28 Jun
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Welcome Lev!


Hi everyone! I apologize for the long absence but I have the sweetest excuse in the world for it. A week ago Lara became a big sister and we became parents to a beautiful baby boy named Lev. It’s a little hard to explain just how happy and blessed I am feeling right now to have this little family of mine but let’s just say it’s absolutely amazing.

Little boy we love you so, so very much!

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11 Jun
Jewelry & AccesoriesWhat's hot?

Love At First Sight: LilyEmme Jewelry


Boy, do I have a special treat for you today. It goes by the name LilyEmme and features the most stunning jewelry that will make you fall in love in an instant. I know I did…

Designed and hand made in Seattle by Valerie, LilyEmme jewelry is inspired by a modern aesthetic that feels incredibly fresh, elegant and simple all at the same time. They are pieces you will cherish and wear forever. And since they’re all made from 100% recycled metals you can rest assured you’re wearing something that was created with thought and care. What could be better?

You can choose from a variety of gorgeous gold or rose gold stacking rings that will be the perfect complement to your other jewelry (my favorite is this twisted 14K gold band) or go for something a little more powerful like this dark pink sapphire ring, which I’ve been kind of obsessing over ever since I first laid my eyes on it. I probably shouldn’t even get started on the personalized necklaces because we all know how strongly I feel about those but here it is anyway… They are so, so lovely! And since I just recently got my ears pierced again, I wouldn’t mind a pair of these gold domed disc studs either (hint, boyfriend, hint).

And last but not least, for the modern bride, LilyEmme features beautiful wedding jewelry, from his & hers wedding sets, to incredibly unique engagement rings. I don’t know about you but lately I’ve been really leaning towards a more personal approach to wedding jewelry. Something a little more customized, a little different and most definitely totally unique. Just as your wedding ring or engagement ring should be! Of course rest assured that all the diamonds from LilyEmme are conflict free and sourced from small mines in Russia, Africa and Canada. The same goes for the colored gemstones.

LilyEmme is offering Style Lemon readers a 10% discount valid through June 30th on all products. Just use the code LEMON at checkout!





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6 Jun
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Happy Weekend + Some Link Love


The weekend is almost here and I couldn’t be happier. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in the final stages of this “bump” ride or if it’s the feeling of hot summer days ahead but I’ve been feeling a little more tired and sluggish lately. I’d die for a nice long afternoon nap (that I could potentially stretch out into actual sleeping once the evening rolls around). I mean whatever happened to those anyways?

We’ve got another long weekend ahead of us (you’ve got to hand it to the French, they take their holidays seriously) and I’m planning on taking my little peanut to the beach and catch some sun and maybe, just maybe, the water won’t be too freezing and we’ll be able to frolic around a little bit. In the meantime I’ll be working on holding the other little one in until daddy gets back! Did you hear that baby? No rush here…

I thought I’d also share some link love since I haven’t done that in forever…

  • Star Wars fans rejoice. Star Wars X Vans is here for the taking. How do I convince Vid that our entire family needs these? 
  • My uber talented little sis and her equally talented boyfriend teamed up for this amazing video. Have you checked out her blog yet? The raw goodies there are TO DIE FOR!
  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Even though it seems there’s a heat wave coming our way, I’m still crushing on a great pair of sweats to lounge around in. Also what does a girl have to do to get a pair of black Arizona Birkenstocks around here? Is everyone just really out of stock?
  • Maya Angelou’s letter to her younger self.
  • I’m planning on reading this book over the weekend! Considering everyone has been absolutely gushing about it, I’m not sure what’s taken me so long.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

image via here

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5 Jun
Glam it upSkincare

The Lazy Girl’s Beauty Routine

OK, so this post should probably be titled “The Lazy Pregnant Girl’s Beauty Routine” but I have a sneaky suspicion this is the routine I’ll be rocking all summer long so we’ll just omit the pregnant part.

I probably don’t need to elaborate on the title any further but I can definitely tell you that over the past couple of months my beauty routine has been truly kept to a bare minimum (not that I enlisted a glam squad before that either). And lately that minimum has been minimized even more, mostly because 1. I am too lazy to put make up on in the morning (I prefer hitting the snooze button and projecting a bad morning routine onto Lara) and 2. I am too lazy to take my make up off at night (this is usually because I am delirious with exhaustion by the time I manage to get into bed). So, it’s come down to my BB Cream, some illuminating powder, concealer, lip gloss and perfume. And mascara, if I can remember to put some in my bag and put it on in my car on the parking lot after I drop Lara off to school.

Anyhow, the point is during this minimalistic process I have come to discover a few new beauty products that have been true life savers and pretty much everything you need if you’re looking to cut your morning bathroom/mirror time to let’s say 3 minutes and 43 seconds.


  •  Benefit’s Fake Up – the BEST, and I mean THE BEST concealer I’ve ever used. And I’ve used many, because trust me, my dark circles require it badly. I think the best part about Fake up is its hydrating element because it doesn’t crease the concealer nor does it dry up and get cakey later in the day. It comes in three shades, I used the light one even though I have medium skin just because I really wanted it to brighten up my whole eye area since I haven’t been using anything else on my eyes lately.
  • Laura Mercier Illuminating Baked Powder – I’ve had this since last summer and it’s my absolute essential. With this no other foundation is needed for a quick and easy put together look. Of course it doesn’t cover as full on make up would but I think in combination with a good tinted BB Cream, it’s all you need for the summer ahead.
  • Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss – I just got this for my birthday and I’m already obsessed. Lip gloss usually dries my lips out but not this one. It’s super moisturising, it goes on really nicely, lasts a long time and doesn’t stick. Plus my sister in law chose the most amazing shade: 51 INSOUCIANCE.
  • La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain – Vid brought me this from a recent trip and I love it. I’ve been a bit iffy with fragrances during this pregnancy, my usual perfumes just didn’t smell right to me but this one is absolutely perfect.
  • Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion – I got this a few months ago and have been using it religiously once a week to give my skin a bit of a boost and get rid of any flakiness, dirt, and clogged pores. It takes about 30 seconds and does wonders. I’ve never been much of an exfoliator before but this literally changed my whole skin routine.


And that’s that. Like I said, 3 minutes and 43 seconds tops!

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