20 Jul

Favorite New Summer Details


Sometimes it’s the little pleasures that can absolutely make your day. It was exactly like that when Lari and my mom surprised me with this funky red nail polish the other day. Lari chose it herself, saying it was perfect for summer and that she saw me looking at them at one point. I can’t get over how thoughtful and perceptive she is.

I also got a Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in a nude-ish shade (08) that’s perfect for quick every day looks that don’t include much make up (every day lately) and all you want to do is throw on some lip color. I was actually surprised by how good this was because my lips are usually really dry and often get even worse with lipsticks. But not with this one. Perfect price point too!


This little bag from Asos that I got recently also has a fun summer feel and it’s just big enough to store a few of your make up essentials for your days out. I keep this bronzer in it, mascara and a lipstick or gloss. It’s a really good size and it’ll fit in most bags.

And here are a couple of my other summer favorites right now:

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