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On Summer Magic

Even though there are about two weeks left of the school summer break, Lari and Lev are starting summer daycare on Monday until the school year officially begins. We’ve planned our summer quite well this year to make sure they get a good break from the year round routine and really experience that “true summer” of long days, non-stop playing, beach, sun and constant fun.

I consciously didn’t sign them up for any activities and we were lucky to have Vid’s parents stay with us for a couple of weeks while Vid started pre-season and I had to work so they could just take it easy.

And what a summer it’s been. We took two weeks of amazing family holidays that I craved pretty much all year and they made my heart so full. It was really that quality time we all needed to recharge and re-connect, something that often gets put aside on the regular day-to-day busyness of our lives and I’m so grateful we got to do it.

And the rest was about making sure that the time we had together in the evenings, afternoons and weekends was time well spent. Bedtimes were thrown out the window, long naps were taken in the afternoon and evenings were reserved for family walks (or scooter rides), parks, and picnics outside on the terrace. Weekends were reserved for exploring, beach days or chill time with an ice cream run here and there. It was perfect.

When I tuck them in in the evenings, freshly showered with opened windows to let in the night air, I felt it every single time. That summer magic of childhood. Those two months you wait for all year round. The two months of no school, less rules, more fun, more being outside and exploring, more of just being a kid. And as I kiss them goodnight, I know they’ve been experiencing that magic and it makes me so freaking happy.

So, as we slowly ease into our regular routine next week and get ready to tackle on the new school year, I hope that these memories made as a family stay with us forever.

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