19 Jan

Spa Night With Nuxe Splendieuse


Winter is always really hard on my skin but combine that with the lack of sleep and some “werk” related stress and you get yourself a combo that really isn’t that great.

That said, I’ve really been trying to take better care of my skin by finding products that work for my particular skin issues, I’ve been trying to drink more water (although I could always do better in that area), I steer clear of picking my face and just generally touching it too much, and I’ve vowed to always, always remove my makeup before bedtime. This last thing is truly a deal breaker for me because as soon as I get lazy with it one time, my skin will immediately break out. Even if I clean it like hell, exfoliate and who knows what else the next day, there will be consequences. Ugh.

So, in this effort to give my skin the TLC it needs I’ve also decided to incorporate a weekly spa ritual into my routine. I’ve booked myself into this spa date on either Saturday or Sunday nights, depending on fatigue levels of the weekend (this week it was Sunday), and the first treat on the menu was this Nuxe Splendieuse face mask. I like Nuxe a lot, I use their Rêve de Miel lip treatment, their Bio Beauté by Nuxe deodorant and their Bio Beauté foaming cleanser. The Bio Beauté products are all paraben-free and very accessible price wise, which is how I like ’em.

The main reason I decided to give this Splendieuse mask a try is because it provides anti-dark spot treatment, a little skin issue I’m prone too and because the Vitamin C revives radiance, which is a little something my dull winter skin could use right now. The pack comes with six tissue masks so it should last you a good while and I think it’s decently priced too (I got it for 22.90 euros at a local pharmacy. It’s a bit pricier on their official website).

I thoroughly cleaned my face before putting it and I could immediately feel my skin absorbing it. It was a little tingly at first but super relaxing. I just felt like I was doing something good for me, even though it’s just 10 minutes and the tissue mask sort of makes you look like Michael Myers from Halloween. Once I took it off there was a little product left sitting on my skin so I just massaged that in and voila! I can’t say whether it did much for my dark spots just yet but my skin did feel very refreshed and brighter, which is basically what I was going for. It was actually a wonderful way to end the weekend and get ready for the week ahead. I’m telling you there’s something to it…

I’m definitely looking forward to my next spa date!

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