22 Oct

School’s Out!

Can you tell the school holidays started by how quiet it’s been around here? I can :-) Lara’s last day of school was Wednesday (kind of weird, no?) and now she’s off for two weeks of scholastic free glory! We had a girls only day on Thursday and spent the whole day hanging out, just the two of us. It was so much fun and it made me appreciate our mommy-daughter moments so much more.

We’ve gotten so used to us three hanging out together and since Lara is in school more, she’s got a bunch of activities and playdates and Lev is younger, he’s the one usually getting a little more solo mommy time, despite me trying my hardest to sort of even it out. Perpetual balance seeker I guess. So getting those few uninterrupted hours of just girl time was absolute magic. We went for a short run in the park in the morning because Lara is going to run a fun 600m race next Saturday so we wanted to test the waters a little bit. She had such a good time!

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My little miss

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Warming up :-)

Then it was off to the zoo and the playground and after that, a lunch date! We wanted to go get organic burgers at this awesome place we hadn’t gone in forever but it was closed so we had to go elsewhere but it didn’t get us down! Croque monsieur and salad it was for miss Larita and I had this amazing butternut squash soup. I have no idea what they put in there but it was a bowl of such creamy goodness, I’m still thinking about it. And later that night, once Lev went to bed we had a little Hocus Pocus movie date, which Lara is now completely obsessed with. We rented it at first because I wasn’t sure if she will like it or not but she loved it so we then we bought it and have watched it three times since. Vid likes it too! It’s another one of those nostalgic movies for me :-)

Now, we’re slowly getting ready to take off to Slovenia for a few days to see our family before school starts again in 10 days! We’ve got a horrible outbound flight schedule so wish me luck, hopefully these two nuggets of mine won’t be too exhausted.

Hoe you’re all having a wonderful weekend…

P.S. I didn’t bring my camera with me on our day out because I didn’t want to lug a bunch of stuff or take pictures really so all we’ve got are these few. They’ll have to do!


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