2 Sep

First Grade, Here We Come!

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I’m writing this post in the evening after a super busy day also known as the first day of school. Tadadada! Every year I do one of these posts, trying to find the words to express all the things I’m feeling on a day like today. To me the first days of school are almost as important as birthdays (I said almost!). They’re just as emotional that’s for sure. Because nothing makes you more aware of the time passing by waaaay to quickly as sending off your little one to school each year. Each year to a higher grade… Really, really feeling the fact that they’re growing up and you’re not entirely sure you’ll ever really be ready for that. Continue reading »

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27. 27. 2015

Best Lip Product Ever

I’ve written a few posts on best lip products and what works for me and my super dry lips already but I just wanted to tell you a little bit about a product that I began using a few months … Continue reading »

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26. 26. 2015

Pretty Agendas For 2016

Bird On the Wire Agenda / Paper Rifle Co. Birch Floral Agenda / A Beautiful Mess Academic Planners / Kate Spade Dot Planner / Ban.do Agenda  The start of the new school year is looming right in front of us … Continue reading »

Posted on
22. 22. 2015

My Week In 5

It’s definitely been a while since I’ve done one of these, let’s see if I still remember. So, this week was one of those weeks that pushes you to get back into a routine of things after a long and … Continue reading »

Posted on
21. 21. 2015

Summer (Anti-Aging) Skincare Essentials

When I was pregnant with Lev my skin took a real hormonal hit. I had dark spots all over my face and my complexion just looked completely uneven. After my hormones calmed down a bit, in particular once we’ve stopped … Continue reading »




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