28 Sep




…Is Wednesday and we’re in a bit of rush because there’s much fun to be had. As I mentioned before Wednesdays are a bit special because I’ve got both kids at home and it gives everyone a nice break in the week so we can spend some time together just doing different activities.

Lara has a gym class in the afternoon so Lev and I will take her to that and then we’ll spend the rest of the afternoon getting a snack in town, at the playground, the aquarium, whatever, as long as we’re in for a good time. I’m also hoping there’s a nap somewhere in there for the mister but who knows.

I also took the time to plan out the next couple of weeks in my agenda. Vid’s away a lot, Lara has a couple of birthdays and sleepovers, and I’m trying to fit in all the Lemon Mamas things too. It’s going to be busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way!



And this morning Lev and I went to the park to feed the ducks because I’ve been saving a loaf of bread since Saturday particularly for this occasion. At the park we noticed that we weren’t the only ones with this brilliant idea because the ducks seem pretty well fed but OK, Lev had a great time and felt pretty proud of himself. He’s also insisting on  wearing this hat all the time, which is super fun considering I struggled all summer to get him to wear it when it was actually necessary. #momlife

I’m also finally feeling a little bit better and I think by tomorrow I’ll be back to my old self. Well, with two new friends that have decided to inhabit my forehead and don’t seem to want to leave. Apparently adult acne is where it’s at…Ugh!

Happy Wednesday!

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