18 Oct
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Style Lemon Chat: Niko Klansek & The FLYKLY SMART WHEEL

One of the changes we’re working on over here at Style Lemon is to focus on products that are more eco and people friendly, all in an effort to strive towards a greener and more organic lifestyle. And this next post and interview are the very beginning of that.

nikoGo green, go modern, go FlyKly Smart Wheel. Back in 2011, Niko Klansek, CEO and founder of FlyKly, introduced the FlyKly electric bicycles to the US market. The idea was well accepted, but since Niko is one of those people who always look for the better and bigger, a true think-outside-the-box person, he hasn’t stopped there. With the help of his team he developed the FlyKly Smart Wheel and today we are happy to have Niko as our interview guest.


Style Lemon: Niko, would you please shortly describe what exactly the FlyKly Smart Wheel is and how the idea for it was born?

Niko: FlyKly Smart Wheel is an all-in-one paddle assist that turns any bicycle into a smart bicycle. The idea for it was born through the FlyKly electric bicycle. To be honest, from the practical point of view, wherever I would go with a bicycle I would get sweaty and felt unpresentable for the meeting.

Style Lemon: The idea for this project was presented on Kickstarter. Your goal was to reach $100,000 within 40 days and you reached that number in just 35 hours. Tell me about this experience? By the way, the project reached high $701,239 at the end.

Niko: We were really surprised and on the other hand very flattered that so many people believed in us.

Style Lemon: Was a celebration in order?

Niko: When the campaign was finished, we were sitting with the team and getting our website launched, so at that moment we were happy and at the same time we felt a big responsibility.


Style Lemon: First, it was “just” a FlyKly Smart Wheel, now it has that true value added to it. Which levels of smart have you already met and which ones are you still in the progress of making?

Niko: The FlyKly Smart Wheel, Smart Light and Smart Application are just the beginning of the FlyKly vision. All these products are available at flykly.com. FlyKly wants to improve the way we commute and make the cities more people friendly.

Style Lemon: You also work on other projects, such as E4B, SportBoard and BizMe. Where does this drive come from?

Niko: I love to work on different projects with different people and I really love to help and share my knowledge. For example, BizMe is a new project I have just started and it helps projects with advising and funding.

Style Lemon: How do you manage it all together?

Niko: It’s easy. I do what I love.

Style Lemon: Is there a person, thing or a book that you’ve found particularly inspirational on your journey?

Niko: I used to play basketball, so Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson. And then in business, my family is my inspiration and people that have done remarkable things that have changed the world for the better place.

Style Lemon: What’s next for Niko Klansek, new products, ideas…?

Niko: I just want to continue to grow and make many different projects successful.

Style Lemon: Since you had lived most of your life in New York City can you let us in on some of your favorite spots or favorite things about the city?

Niko: Favorite things about the city are people and the energy. Favorite spots: a hot dog place in Nolita called Asiadog, living in Soho and riding a bicycle around Hudson River Park.

Style Lemon: Any final thoughts?

Niko: We are living in a place and time of history where it’s on us to make our habits and lifestyle sustainable. So FlyKly is just a little part of this and we hope to inspire people and make the difference.

Style Lemon: Niko, thank you very much for taking the time today. Style Lemon wishes you a lot success in the future and hopefully the world becomes not only modern, but also greener thanks to you.

Niko: Thanks for having me and welcome to visit our website.


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17 Oct

Our Baby Essentials II

And happy Friday to you all! Finally I’ve managed to put together the second part of our baby essentials post. These are the things we’ve found super helpful in the past month or so and are generally destined for babies of three months on up, with the exception of the high chair and the baby oil.


  1. Boba Carrier 2G – In the first part of our baby essentials post I briefly mentioned that we alternate our Solly Baby wrap with our Boba carrier. Now, that Lev is over 8kg we’ve passed on to Boba almost full time. It’s particularly handy for me during school drop offs and pick ups because it’s easy and quick to put on and I don’t have to take out the stroller. Plus if you know us, you probably know we’re consistently late, so time is of the essence. We still have the Boba from when Lara was a toddler so it’s an older version but the recent 4G version can be used from birth on with the infant insert.
  2. Noir Blanc Rouge Book- This is currently Lev’s favorite toy/book aside from his Mickey doudou and heart teething ring. He looooves it and I have to say it can occupy him for quite a while. The soft book is in black, white and red, it rattles, crunches, and has soft plush like parts with cute nature graphics. It’s pretty awesome.
  3. Baltic Amber Necklace – I got this for Lev a couple of weeks ago but waited a little bit to put it on even though it’s generally from 3 months on. Baltic amber is supposed to help with teething discomfort and has been used for this purpose for centuries. Each piece of amber is individually knotted and it comes with a safe clasp so they’re very safe but I still always remove it when Lev is sleeping or napping.
  4. Peg Perego Tatamia – We bought this high chair when Lara was the same age as Lev is now. I don’t remember using it as much back then until we introduced solids but it’s been extremely useful with Lev. It can be used from 0-36 months, it reclines in multiple positions, multiple heights and can also swing. The reason I like it so much is because it’s on wheels and I can easily push it from one room to the next without having to take the baby out, move the chair etc. It’s a bit bulky and can take up some space but since it’s so multifunctional it’s definitely worth it.
  5. Biolane Sweet Almond Oil – Both Lara and I have really dry skin but Lev even more so. At one point he had dry patches everywhere and I worried he had eczema. Well luckily no but his skin is drier than usual so we’ve completely stopped using even the mildest of soaps and we switched to this Biolane Sweet Almond Oil, which can be used for bathing and showering as well as hydrating and massaging. I just sprinkle some in his bath and after just a few times we’ve seen drastic improvements.
  6. Built Go Go Diaper Clutch – I love, love my Storksak diaper bag but when I’m a rush or grocery shopping I usually just take this diaper clutch with me instead. It’s big enough to fit a few diapers and wipes and has two little compartments for whatever else you may need. I can easily clip it on my stroller and it’s just perfect enough for those quick errand runs you need to do baby in tow but don’t want to lug around your big diaper bag.
  7. Mama & Little Teething Jewelry - Stylish and practical, this is THE jewelry you’ll want to wear. Perfect for all babies and especially those who are teething, Mama & Little necklaces an bracelets are totally safe for your little ones to chew on. More here.

Well, that’s it for the second part of our current baby essentials but we’d love to hear from you too. What are some of the items you and your little one can’t do without?




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16 Oct
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Kindergarten, Back To Work…

Hello (again)! I thought I would start exactly where I left off – with a new blog post. I hope you enjoy reading Style Lemon and for those who are interested in getting to know me a bit better, I also prepared a short bio that can be read here.

Off to the real world we go. Mark, my almost 2-year-old son, just recently started attending kindergarten. I must tell you, I was so excited about it! I had no fear whatsoever. I was a stay-at-home-mom for an extra year and lately I was falling short on how to entertain him. I did my research online (btw, I truly suggest this book: Child’s Play: Montessori Games and Activities for Your Baby and Toddler by Maja Pitamic) and asking friends about various activities I could do with him, but I felt something was still missing. So that’s why I was so excited for him to go, to explore this other world I couldn’t offer him, other perspectives, to meet other peoples characters, get new friends, etc.


First week went great. Second week, too. But once he realized this is not a play place, but a real 5 times a week thing, the mornings got tough. To top it off, I recently got a job, so drop offs, when my boyfriend was away, were very early in the morning. He would be the first toddler to arrive and almost the last one to leave. I admit, emotions took me over and some tears were shed. But then I looked at Mark and he was laughing at me. The first sign of “everything is OK mom”! The day after, he didn’t want to leave kindergarten – imagine that!

Even though mornings are still a little hard and usually involve a good 2 minute cry, knowing it is for the best and that he enjoys it very much, I feel extremely relieved. Also, teachers’ feedback helps a lot, too. I am so impressed by how much progress he made with them in such a short period of time and everything he has experience by now

Any other mom out there with emotional outburst when child entered kindergarten? I heard it’s totally normal!

xOxO Leja

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16 Oct
M's World

A Little Bit About Me…


Hi everyone, here’s a little bit about me, Leja. I, like Masha, used to play tennis, so this is where we met about 17 year ago. During college years (I studied in Texas) we became best friends and here I am now joining Style Lemon as her “blog-partner in crime”.

I am interested in many things such as outdoors, traveling, designing, art, DIY crafting, activities, cooking, learning and exploring beautiful things and beauty everywhere possible. But by far, my true joy and pride is my own family, my son Mark and boyfriend Saso, so probably most of my posts will be regarding that.  Before I was invited to join the blog as a co-writer, I would often find myself sending Masha new ideas for her next possible post, so just imagine how excited and honored I am about becoming a part of Style Lemon blog.

I truly hope you enjoy our collection of things.
xOxO Leja

A little about me:
I live in Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2nd most beautiful city of 2014 chosen by Lonely Planet.
I am a true math geek! It took years to admit that without getting embarrassed ;)
I have hazel eyes and it wouldn’t be anything special if my son hadn’t had them also.
And most importantly, being a mom is the absolute best unpaid job in the world and the best life teachers are most definitely our own children. I am so thankful for my little family!

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15 Oct
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Poup’ké Nursing Jewelry

I love the idea behind nursing jewelry. It’s something that looks cute and can help keep track of the boobie situation during your breastfeeding experience. Now, if you’ve been nursing for the first couple of weeks and are offering one breast per feed you’re probably like, whaaat I know exactly which one came last because the other one is humongous and feels as if it’s about to explode. So, yes I’ve been there and it’s really hard to get it wrong then.


That said, I’ve also been in the situation where your little one empties both, wakes up 5 times a night to feed and your breasts don’t feel full at all. With Lev, I often need to check several times as to which one I should offer and which one came last so the idea of having a cute little bracelet like this one from Poup’ké that would help me out is definitely welcome. OK, OK or a ring. Or both. That way I’ll be sure not to get it wrong :-)

The bracelets are made from sterling silver and a durable adjustable string so you don’t have to worry about having to take it off when showering or bathing. Like I said, it’s all very practical!

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