Play With Osmo (While Mom Is Sick)

As you were able to see last week, it’s pretty much germ central over here. I was so looking forward to the weekend, thinking Lev would be better already and we’d be able to venture outside for some fresh air and fun. Little did I know that come Friday night, I will cave to the (in)famous stomach flu myself and spend the night in pretty awful state. My shenanigans managed to wake both kids so we started the day at 5 AM, because why not! I felt so terrible and nauseous and I just had all the feelings (emotional and physical) and if there was ever a need for a partner or a grandparent this was definitely it.

I’m usually pretty good with the fact that Vid is traveling practically non stop but this week I definitely cracked more than once. I really, really felt that need for someone to just be there with me when one kid was super sick and there were doctor’s appointments at 8PM, and the other kid needed attention as well, and then I was super sick and all I wanted to do was get into bed and sleep for 72 hours straight. He is always missed naturally, but this week I would have given my kidney for him to be there with us, that’s how bad I felt at one point.

Luckily some spirit or whatever must have seen that I was in pretty bad shape and so my thing lasted for only 24 hours (thank you, thank you!) and come Sunday I was feeling much better and we went out to the park to get some fresh air, stretch our legs, air the house etc. It felt really good!


But during this whole ordeal I had a secret weapon up my sleeve and it’s called Osmo. I can’t tell you how happy I was that we bought it about two years ago. It’s such an amazing interactive game and I gave it to Lara to play while I was sick so she could get some educational games in. Mom guilt was on super high this weekend because there was a lot of TV happening but truthfully I have no idea how I would have gotten through it otherwise. I’m not opposed to technology or screen time (when practiced in moderation) as you may have read a couple of weeks ago but I’m a big fan of educational games and even talking to kids during movies or cartoons because they often have a point to them that kids might not necessarily grasp if you don’t discuss it with them. I think discussion is also important because it helps dissolve any fears kids might have about certain issues they discover during movies, cartoons etc.



Anyways, as I mentioned Vid ordered Osmo during its crowdfunding campaign two years ago, as unlike other Kickstarter projects the product was pretty much locked it pre-campaign. I actually can’t believe I haven’t written about it yet!

Most Osmo apps are designed for kids ages 5-12 while Osmo Monster is designed for kids ages 4-9. We have the Tangram and Words, which were the two that came with the initial starter package but there have been wonderful additions since such as Pizza, Masterpiece, and Coding. It’s an amazing way for kids to learn while using technology and having fun. There are different difficulty levels so once they master a certain skill you can keep challenging them. Lara’s initial favorite was the Tangram but now, as her English has gotten better, she really enjoys Words too.



All you need for Osmo to work is an iPad with the camera. You can get the starter kit which includes the Osmo game system, Words, Tangram + Newton and Masterpiece, which don’t require pieces. The Genius kit includes all that plus numbers, while the Wonder Kit includes absolutely everything including Coding. Shop them here.

Thank you technology for getting me through this…

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