Little Kitten Planters DIY


As I’ve mentioned over on Instagram (in case you follow me there), it was a bit of a weird weekend for us. The kids are semi sick, the weather changed so drastically so quickly and I kind of think it took our moods with it because the whole week just felt overwhelming. I’m flying sans dad for these couple of weeks and sometimes trying to think of activities for a six year old and an almost two year old are a little tough. The age gap is just there; Lara loves doing artsy slightly bigger kid things, Lev (for the moment) loves throwing things around. So, sometimes it just doesn’t synchronize well. And when you’re not feeling your most patient self, things can get a little tough.

Well, we ended up getting out of that funk and managed to pull out a quick & easy DIY for Lara AND while she was doing that I let Lev go all out on the finger painting so everyone was happy. Lara has been asking me to buy her a flower pot to paint for the past week (no clue why!?) so I ended up deciding we’d just make one out of the milk carton.

We had all the necessary supplies like an empty almond milk carton (but you can use regular milk duhh or even a plastic soda bottle), paint, scissors, and a black marker. And we ended up going to the local gardening store to pick up a tiny plant. So, here’s what we did while Lev painted rainbows on the floor (sorry husband!).

Step 1: Got all the above mentioned supplies? Awesome, you’re halfway there…


Step 2: Draw our the kitty shape on the milk carton and cut it out. Left over milk will drip out and that’s OK. There’s a toddler finger painting next to you so a few drops of milk is nada.


Step 3: Paint it to your heart’s desire. You can use acrylic paint, we used wood and carton paint. Let the paint dry before proceeding to the ears and face or you’ll end up with a big ol’ mess.

Step 4: Once everything is nice and dry put your little plant in there. We had to add some soil to fill it up because the plant we got was really tiny.

Voilààà! Now, cross your fingers that your kid has a better green thumb than you and the plant won’t be dead within the week.

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