Labeling Made Simple


Alright, school is in full swing, we’ve got that morning rushing down to an art and so far we’ve only forgotten the parent-teacher notebook once. Yay, we’re doing good!

So, I don’t know how it is at your house but Lara is a master of losing thing in the school yard. Jackets, sweaters, you name it, we’ve probably lost it. And since they also have a box of supplies, which they use in school and which  I spent two hours labeling last year (every pen, pencil and crayon) with super boring white labels, I decided to take a different approach this year with Ludi Label (English website here. Some of you may know it already but it was a pretty awesome find for me. You can choose your design and font, which obviously made me very happy because I was able to choose something a little more classic, which will work next year as well. Who knows if Frozen will still be IN in 2017 (yeah, it probably will be but just in case).



I took the school pack with over 200 labeled stickers for clothes, school supplies, shoes, lunch boxes etc. etc. And if you have a little one with allergies they also do allergy labels, which you can stick onto their lunch boxes so everyone is aware. I just think it’s so useful and easy, two things that are always a win in my book 🙂


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