Cuteness & Quality At Baby Jungle Shop

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out my friend Polona’s new shop Baby Jungle, now is the time to do it. Polona has been running her successful blog Baby Jungle for quite a few years now and she has exquisite taste. Her shop is full of selected items, including toys, clothing and decoration, carefully curated for conscious mamas who are looking for quality pieces for their little ones.


Lara and Lev got a pair of these fantastic jelly shoes by Igor Shoes and they’ve been obsessed with them. As am I! They’re really well made and extremely comfortable due to the soft insoles. I also love the fact that the rubber soles are a little thicker than your average jelly shoe, making these really suitable for little feet, while still remaining totally affordable. Plus they look so good and stylish!


They’re absolutely essential for the beach, especially those rocky and pebbled ones that can prove tricky for kids (and adults, do they come in my size?).

I wish we had them last year when we vacationed on beautiful Pag island, which was totally awesome except the beach part where we had to walk as if on eggshells because the rocks were so harsh. Honestly, check them out (and her entire shop), you won’t regret it.


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