Christmas Gift Guide: For The Little Ones

Hi everyone and happy Friday! I was planning on posting this little gift guide for kiddos yesterday but I just couldn’t get around to it. My little mister came down with a yet unexplained fever on Wednesday, which lasted until yesterday afternoon. No clue as to where and why it came, and it left just as mysteriously. Maybe it was an alarm for something flu like coming to pay us a visit AGAIN and I’m looking at a “fun” weekend or maybe Lev just wanted extra snuggles and mom time. We shall see…

Anyhow, my favorite gift guide is below! I took inspiration from Lara’s and Lev’s Christmas wish lists 🙂


1. Labyrinth Board Game / 2. Dream Big Magnetic Board / 3. Hape Wooden Toolbox / 4. Haba Magnetic Town Maze / 5. Bunny In A Hat & Bear Pillow from LM / 6. Fairy Knit Vest / 7. Little Bear Sweatshirt / 8. Gap Fair Isle PJ’s (for boysfor girls) / 9. Wooden Animals Nesting Dolls / 10. Non-Toxic Nail Polish Set by Nailmatic

So, here’s my rundown. Lara absolutely loves board games and she put three different ones on her Xmas list this year. We actually have Labyrinth already and we play it a lot. It’s a little retro and just overall such a great game!

The Petal Lane magnetic board is an awesome gift for little or slightly older kids. It’s a stylish addition to a room and very practical too.

Wooden toys, wooden toys are always on the top of my list and luckily Lev is obsessed with this Haba magnetic town maze too. He plays with it every time we’re in the toy store so I put it on his list this year. Similarly, Lara is obsessed with nesting dolls. Vid just brought her Babushka dolls from Moscow and we gave them to her as St. Nick’s present and she loves them (she asked for them a few years ago for Christmas already). I think this animal wooden set is so cute!

Pillows galore… Again such a fun addition to the nursery or kid’s room. Lara and Lev both have these and they love them. PJ’s from Gap are always a fantastic gift. I get them every year for all the kids in the fam and this year is no different. I just love the Fair Isle print.

And last but not least, nail polish ended up on Lara’s list so I got here this Nailmatic polish set for kids, which is totally non toxic and safe. They’re water based so they’ll disappear with warm soapy water. I’m so excited for her to see it because her friends and her always want to do their nails and I’m glad there are such kid friendly options out there.

I didn’t put any books in there but I feel like they’re also always a fantastic gift so if you want some ideas on what we’re reading you can find them here.

There will be one last Christmas gift guide posted tomorrow… For that cool guy in your life!

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