Books For Littles + Any Suggestions?

I posted a photo of one of Lara’s favorite books yesterday so I figured I should write a post about what we’re currently reading. We were actually just discussing her book collection yesterday as she’s kind of bored with certain ones because she already knows them by heart so we decided to switch them out and make space for new ones. I put a couple of my personal favorites aside for Lev for later and we decided to give the rest to her school’s library.

Do you have any suggestions? I’m also reading for Lara’s class as a part of they library project once a week and I’m planning on doing it in English so I would welcome suggestions for easy and fun starter books?

Here are our favorites right now…


OLIVE AND THE BAD MOOD (I think I’ve mentioned this one before as it’s one of Lara’s absolute favorites. It’s a great book to get her to start reading in English too since the phrases are very simple.)

I absolutely love Julia Donaldson and thankfully Lara loves “The Gruffalo”. We also have “A Squash and a Squeeze” in Slovenian. The latter is also fantastic as there’s a great lesson there.

I also just ordered “The Room on the Broom” by Julia Donaldson. I got it in English, as I saw they have the French version in her school library.

This summer I bought her a Slovenian book called “Povodni Mož”, which was written by the most famous Slovenian poet France Prešeren (he is also the author of our national anthem). I’ve told her the story of the beautiful but very vain Urška many times before getting her the book, particularly when we’re in Ljubljana as the old part of town is where the story happens. Also there is a statue of France Prešeren in the main square so we always talk about it. I loved it when I was a kid so I was really happy to see that she was into it too. The language is admittedly a bit hard initially because it’s essentially a ballad and the Slovenian is “old” but she gets through it quite easily now.

And last but not least (and I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before) one of my personal favorites time and time again: “And Tango Makes Three” by Justin Richardson. This book is so great because it tackles the concept of family, homosexuality, same sex marriage and adoption. I think it’s great because it teaches kids about these issues with a wonderful story that’s both easy to understand and beautifully written. We have it in Slovenian but it’s also available in French.

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