Back To School With Lindex


Sweeping all the summer clothes out of the kids’ closets and replacing them with fall wardrobes is one of my most dreaded tasks. One, because it means summer has truly come to an end. And two, because I usually realize very little from last year still fits. In Lara’s case at least. In Lev’s obviously nothing fits. This means tons of sorting into donation piles, piles for girlfriends who are expecting and of course, memory piles for hoarders such as myself.

The task of getting them new stuff is obviously a lot more pleasant. Especially thanks to uber cool Swedish brands such as Lindex, which make back-to-school outfitting both stylish and affordable. I discovered Lindex a little while ago thanks to my friend Åsa but have kind of forgotten about browsing it for this year’s fall wardrobe. Luckily, she reminded me by sending me a picture of that adorable rain set (in the collage above) and I hopped right on over to their website to see what’s up. And what is up is an incredibly cute blend of Scandinavian cool and outfits that are high quality and most importantly practical. Also leave it to the Swedes to make princess outfits look cool and not overly pink or glittery. Although in Lara’s case that’s pretty much what it’s all about.

Lindex ships pretty much everywhere and their shipping rates are very fair and affordable. My cart was veeeery full and shipping costs were 7€.

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  • StyleLemon

    I got a bunch! Loooove the woodsy collection. Thanks for the tip <3