Bikini Body Guide: Intro Week + Week 2

Hey everyone! I’ve got so many (unfinished) posts lined up and a lot to cover but I just wasn’t able to get to it yet this week. We hopped in the car last Friday and drove to Slovenia for spring break and every time we get here, I need a few days to acclimatize myself. It may sound funny and weird but it’s true. Vid is on an intense physical therapy schedule and Lara has been grandparent hopping so it’s mostly been just Lev and me. And he’s in full form too, back at 6 AM wake up calls, asking me to go out to the playground at 6:07 and refusing nap time. You know, the works haha.

Our sleep routine is totally off when we travel too and I’m having a bit of harder time with Lev than I did with Lara. We’re trying to get a kids room set up in our apartment here in Ljubljana but I haven’t found anything I liked yet so right now it’s everyone in our bed, or some of us in our bed and others on the couch, or the kids in the bed and us on the couch, or the kids on the couch and us in the bed… Crazy!

But that’s not the point of this post at all. So, if you stuck around for the long intro, let me get to it! A little less than two weeks ago I got myself started on the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. I’ve been following her on Instagram for a little over a year now and seeing other people rave about her so finally I just decided to hop on and go for it. It’s my first experience with a program like this so I can’t really compare it to anything but I will give you my thoughts on it so far.

But first, a disclaimer. I’m obviously not a professional so these are my very own views, opinions and experiences. I’m not familiar with other programs other than the one offered through the Sweat app. So, the BBG is a 12 week program and one of the ways to do it is to download the Sweat app on your iPhone and follow the programs set up for each week through the app. I haven’t worked out all the little details of the app yet but I have to say that I’m super impressed with it so far.

There is a 7-day free trial for the Introductory week and after that you’ll get charged 19.99€ per month. So it’s not free and quite honestly it’s not super cheap either. But you can do it anywhere, with minimal equipment, which is one of the biggest reasons I decided to do it. I refused to fork out for another gym membership of a gym I’ll never go to.

How does it work? So, in a week you have 3 resistance workout circuits (arms, abs, legs) that last 28 minutes, 3 cardio workouts (either LISS- low intensity steady state, which lasts 40 minutes or HIIT – high intesity interval training, which lasts 15 minutes), and two recovery workouts (either rest or foam roller recovery workout). There’s also a Challenge workout that sort of encompasses a bunch of different exercises that you can do in addition or if you’re pressed for time.  Every week your resistance circuits change so your body never really gets used to a certain workout and you keep seeing results.

Once you start a circuit, there’s a timer starts in which you need to complete it. Once you’re done the second circuit starts. There’s a short automatic break in between circuits. You can also pause anytime during the circuit or even skip it if you’d like.

In terms of equipment (so far), I’ve needed a yoga mat, a foam roller, a bench, a step and some weights. But I’ll be honest with you because I don’t have a bench or a step so I’ve improvised with our stepping ladder at home. We have a foam roller thanks to Vid so I was all set with that and I do yoga so obviously I have a yoga mat. I’ve been wanting to purchase some 2KG weights but since I haven’t really worked out regularly since my half marathon in October and I’m honest-to-God unable to do a push up, Vid suggested I just start by working with my own weight. So that’s what I’ve been doing until I get stronger.

Which brings me to the reason I started doing this in the first place. I’m not trying to lose weight because frankly I don’t think I need to. I’m basically just trying to get into some semblance of a regular workout routine to get a little stronger. I’ve started doing yoga again a few months ago and have been loving it but I’ve realized I’m so weak, it’s embarrassing. I’m not able to do a push up, my abs have been neglected since I’ve had Lev (I was a little traumatized by my C-section) and even though I ran a half marathon six months ago my body is not toned at all. So that’s the point of doing the BBG program. I’m not trying to get a six pack or post before and after selfies on Instagram (even though I full support celebrating body transformations if that’s what you’re doing). Just trying to get back to a point where I’m able to do 20 push ups without dying.

So, now I’ll tell you a little bit about how my first week and a half went. A new week starts on Monday and I started the Intro week on Saturday so that was a mistake. Luckily I did my abs and arms resistance workout on the same day (you know beginners motivation) and a quick run on a Sunday so I got a little bit of the week done. My abs were crazy sore and I barely got through the workout without dying. I burned off the skin on my lower back from the ab workout. It was crazy. It really made me realize just how out of shape my abs were and I’ll be totally honest, I tried getting through the entire thing and really pushed myself and still managed to do about 85%.
I started my second week on a Monday with a leg resistance workout. I started to feel the burn during the workout already and had a feeling it was going to be rough for the next couple of days. Well, it was rough alright. No joke, I could barely walk until Wednesday. I promise you I’m not exaggerating. It was aspiring and hot baths, two nights in a row and since we don’t have an elevator in our building the stairs took me a good 10 minutes. Vid told me I was insane. But as sore as I was, I felt pretty good because obviously I was working out muscles I haven’t worked out in years probably and that felt awesome.

So, all in all I’m super happy with the program now. I like it because I’m able to do it at home, it doesn’t take forever and it really feels like a great workout. I used to be so wary of these at home workouts, which explains why I spent so much money of gyms I never went to but I’ve accepted it now that it can work too. And it can work really well. Especially if you’re a busy and are having trouble finding the time to fit in your workouts. My first one was with Lara, while Lev napped and it worked great!

Within the app, there’s also a planner, which can help you with scheduling your workouts and organizing when to do what, as well a as a meal plan with recipes. I’m not following the meal plan but I have tried some recipes already and they’re pretty good but I’m honestly too lazy to keep it up on a daily basis haha.

So, my take so far is that it’s a really good program to get you into a routine and motivate you. You will sweat and definitely feel the work, which is what is my goal. I want to get stronger and get a consistent routine going. The 28 minute commitment isn’t too daunting and considering that you can do it at home (I do it on my terrace) or pretty much anywhere is what sold me.I’ll try and keep a journal of each week as I go along and sort of tell you how I’m progressing or if there are things I don’t like with it etc. But hopefully I’ll be able to get a good routine going and keep it up on my own after the 12 week program is done.

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