Natural At Home Remedies


We’ve been sick quite a lot this season, colds, the stomach flu, strep, and Lev had a pretty nasty episode of bronchitis and asthma too. Yeah, it’s been a rough few months health wise.

We’ve been trying to boost our immune systems with probiotics and some extra vitamin C. We’ve also been doing our best with some at home remedies so I just wanted to share those with you if you’re maybe going through the same “it’s winter and we’re constantly sick” patch.

  1. As soon as we feel a cold or a cough coming up we start taking “shots” of honey and lemon mixed together twice a day. It’s definitely helped with Lara, as we’ve gotten rid of quite a few of her colds this way. I add a little ginger and hot water to my concoction and it’s literally an immune shot. This was recommended to me by Lev’s nounou and it’s been pretty helpful last week when I was getting over strep.
  2. For Lev’s cough we’ve been doing another little concoction of honey and onions that was recommended to me by another friend and which we’ve found really helpful. A teaspoon of it, twice a day to keep the cough away! What you need is a chopped onion, pour the honey over it so it’s entirely covered, cover with film or foil and let sit overnight. Drain the honey in the morning and toss the onion. Put in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator up to a week. It’s a little stinky and I’ve often asked myself what’s up with Lev’s onion breath but it really works wonders.
  3. If you little one has a coughing episode at night you can try some mashed potatoes to help soothe and calm. Just boil the potatoes, drain and mash them roughly. Wrap in a cloth and put on your little one’s chest. Just be careful that it’s not too hot. Lev had a pretty bad episode on a few nights and this helped soothe him a little. I also use Erbaviva’s organic chest balm on both kids anytime there’s a cold or a cough. It smells so good, Lara is a little obsessed with it haha.


My kids are also huge tea (caffeine free infusions) drinkers and I make sure we drink a lot of that too when they’re battling a cold. Their favorites are this Super Fruits blend from Higher Living and this Lov Organic lemon and ginger blend, both of which I buy at our local store.

OK, that’s it for us, I hope this was helpful. If you’ve got any of your own at home natural remedies, I’d love to hear them!

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