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Some of you may know this already and some of you don’t (YET!) but my sister Tereza is a pretty amazing chef. A raw chef actually as she specializes in raw cuisine and literally makes the yummiest and the healthiest desserts you will ever have in your life. If you live in Slovenia you were able to enjoy her show on Sundays last fall and now you’ll be able to enjoy her sweets and other treats on a daily basis as she just published her very own book of recipes. That is correct, my little sister just published her very first book (I’m 100% it is just one of the many to come) and to celebrate that I asked her if she would be kind of enough to answer some questions for Style Lemon and tell us a little bit about her journey.

  1.   Let’s start at the beginning, how did you get into this raw food lifestyle in the first place?

Tereza: I didn’t have a history of family chefs, or grandma cooks who thaught me their culinary wisdom. Our family was a typical “modern” family, that mostly ate out and never took the time to prepare a nutritious meal. It all started when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was a tough journey but it made us realize that we have to change some things. It started out as a hobby and a love for healthy eating. And it developed when I decided it was absolutely necessary that my family starts eating a balanced, healthy diet. What was the solution? Eliminating most grains, sugar, additives, preservatives and all the ingredients we cannot pronounce. We adopted a simple and very clean way of eating. We incorporated raw organic plants and started our very own veggie garden. Now imagine, we are not cooks and far from being farmers, but we learned and made it work! 

Because I started to be intrigued with how healthy food changed our family for the better, I wanted to tranform my hobby into something more. That’s when I applied into Matthew Kenney’s Culinary Cuisine and mastered the art of raw food.


2.     What would you say is people’s biggest misconception about raw cuisine?

Probably that you can only eat salads and smoothies. There is such a variety of what you can do with raw veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds… And all into wholesome delicious meals.

3.     Is eating healthy and/or raw really as « difficult » as it may sound?

Eating healthy is incredibly easy! Eating 100% raw is very difficult. I think eating healthy should be simple and never complicated, but I will be a pain in the ass when it comes to organic produce. I’m not strictly vegan or vegetarian, but for the most part I eat vegetarian and sometimes fish or meat. I’m a strong believer that moderation of everything is the key. When I eat food, I want it to be beautiful, but not just in taste. I want it to nourish my body and soul!


4.      What would you say is the most important element of raw cuisine?

Definitely including only seasonal produce and making the right taste balance. Raw can be tricky, but incredibly fun as well.

5.     What’s your favorite ingredient, something you absolutely love adding to your recipes?

It would be coconut oil, it’s just that ingredient you have in your kitchen and bathroom. You can use it in every recipe, even in a recipe for a hair or face mask 😉

6.     Your TV Show, Zdravo, Tereza was so amazing, what inspired it?

I think the show was born with the help of different influences. My experience with raw food in USA, my decision of moving to the other side of the world to the love of making easy healthy meals accessible for everyone. My partner Ziga (the director of the show Zdravo, Tereza!) and I brainstormed and came up with a beautiful show, visually attractive scenery with the addition of healthy recipes. A big part of the production was also Matic Prusnik and a New Zealand production team who did an incredible job!



7.     The show was filmed entirely on New Zealand where you currently live and which we all know is absolutely stunning. How big of a role do the beautiful surroundings play in your cooking?

New Zealand has a very big role. Not only with it’s beauty, but also it offers so many stories and people that are strong believers in healthy cooking, producing, farming etc. We capture their stories and portray New Zealand as it is – green, fresh and just beautiful.


8.     Has the local lifestyle inspired your cooking and how?

It affected me greatly. New Zealand showed me how important it is to live in-tune with your surrounding nature. And that’s what we also point out in the show, how easy it is just to stroll to your local farmer’s market and have a chat with local producers, farmers, rather than stressfully jog around a supermarket. It’s so important to know where our ingredients are coming from and with that in mind trying to support our local small businesses.

  1. What’s next for Teresamisu? Are you going to continue blogging ? What else can we look forward to?

Well my book just came out with all the recipes from the show and more, and yes I will always blog! Becuase of Teresamisu everything started for me and I think I have a responsobility for all of my readers who can’t wait for the next recipe to be published 😉


Thank you so much Tereza for letting us in on some of your raw secrets and congrats on your book. If you want to order your copy you can hop on over to Teresamisu and order yours today! Awesome job, I am so very proud of you 🙂

(images by Ziga Zupancic via Teresamisu)

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