A Cute Last Minute Valentine’s Day Idea

I’ve been bumping my head against the wall this week trying to think of what to do for this Valentine’s Day and came up with nothing. Zero, nada, rien, all week long. We’re not that big on the V-Day celebrations anyways and we usually just go for little fun gifts that show we’ve been paying attention to what the other is saying, but nothing too major. Still,  I couldn’t think of anything until this weekend. And while I’m keeping one part a secret (don’t worry he’s banned from reading this), I can divulge the other one. All in the name of helping you out (and procrastinating cleaning the apartment).


So, I decided to check out Sticky Gram, which is a personalized printing service that turns your images into magnets. I figured, he’s a guy, he likes to eat, he opens the fridge at least 50 times a day and what’s better than seeing our goofy faces every time he does that, right? Sure, whatever. I love the idea and I’ve decided that so will he. Best part, they offer free worldwide shipping and they do it relatively fast so I’m really crossing my fingers it gets here this week. If not, I’ve got present numero dos as temporary back-up.

Did I mention we weren’t big on Valentine’s Day?

P.S. There are of course obvious other options to go about this but I trust I can leave you on your own there. If not, you can always check out Jimmyjane. There’s a Valentine’s Day sale happening đŸ˜‰

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