Sleep In (or Try To) With Zazoo Clocks

Since having Lara, we went through so many different phases of sleeping, from her already sleeping through the night, to me getting up every 45 minutes. I think there were only a blissful couple of weeks somewhere in there where she actually slept until 9 AM. On the weekend! (just imagine my excitement). Unfortunately,  that didn’t last very long and now she seems to have settled into one of those typical children’s routine where she sleeps until around 7.30 AM during the week, if we’re lucky, and naturally gets up at 6 AM on the weekend.

And then just the other day, I found these cute Zazoo Photo clocks for kids that includes pre-programmed sets of “awake” and “sleep” images for kids to look at and see whether it’s morning yet and they should get up or still night time. Such a simple & great idea. The Zazoo photo clock also includes 11 built-in songs and lullabies and can be personalized with your own photos.

For someone who woke up this morning with hand cream all tangled up in her hair because I pretended to keep sleeping after Lara got up at 6 AM and wanted to put some cream on mommy, I say it’s definitely worth a shot. + they’re adorable!

The clocks costs $89 (around 65€), which definitely isn’t cheap but if you have little kids, they’ll surely use it for years. For international shipping you just have to shoot them an email with your request at customerservice@zazookids.com.

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