How I (Try To) Keep Organized

It is no secret that at times I probably appear super overwhelmed to the outside world (especially on those days when I look myself out of the house) but I truly, honestly admire those people that are meticulously organized and I strive to do the best I can myself. I’ve been noticing, especially as Lara gets older and her social and activity agenda gets fuller, that I absolutely MUST have everything written down or I will find myself totally adrift.

Doctor’s appointments, Vid’s matches and when and how he’s leaving, activities that are a regular thing each week; I write it all down and then it’s easier for me to schedule my time around that so I can get more done. Of course 99% of the time I will still feel like the day is too short and I’m usually really behind on most house hold stuff (laundry in particular is my worst nemesis – anyone else hates folding?) but still, we’re trying. I’ve always been fascinated by scheduling and how people organize their time (is that super weird and stalkerish?) but honestly, since becoming a parent, I just can’t keep it all in my head anymore.


I think I’m going to get into our schedule another time because honestly, I’m still figuring a few things out but here are the three items I absolutely need to keep chaos to a minimum. It takes a few weeks each year to get into it (I guess kind of like my workout routine:-/) But once, I get the hang of it, it’s a life saver. So, above you’ll find the things I actually own and use.

A desktop planner for meal planning. I actually started putting this up in the kitchen so I don’t have a million questions about what we’re eating and so Lara can mentally prepare her picky palate for the flavor of the day. Meal planning also saves me time in the grocery store, as well as money. It takes a bit to plan ahead like this but ultimately it’s so much better as I’m not stumped at dinner time, trying to figure out what to make. We still go for fresh bread about 3X a week to our favorite bakery.

The pink BAN.DO agenda is new, as I start the new planner year in August just like school and Vid’s season. It makes more sense to me this way and most agendas are 17-month now anyways. In it I keep everything, from to-do lists, to appointments, playdates, dinner dates, when Vid leaves and comes back/where he’s playing, phone calls and if I’m being really good, I’ll even add budgets and my “you know what cycle” (TMI???) etc. etc. I got it from ASOS and it’s cute, comes with stickers, makes me smile and feel 17 all over again. They’re out of this one but the 12-month spiral is still available. You can also get it directly from BAN.DO but they’ll charge you an arm and a leg in shipping, which makes me kind of sad because I would buy half that store if I could.

The Rifle Paper Co. market list is stuck to our fridge ALWAYS so anyone can easily add something if we’re out or if they fill like it. Unfortunately for me, this whole participation thing hasn’t worked on other members of our family yet (namely those that can write so Lev, you’re off the hook) but I’m clinging to hope. Truly, there is nothing worse than going to the store and forgetting half the things you needed.

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