Great (Office) Expectations

Ever since we moved and ever since I started working from home two days a week, I’ve been trying to muster up ideas on how to make my office a cozy place, with lots of inspiration and where blog posts and articles would practically write themselves. OK, I’m exaggerating here but I’d still like the space to be cozy, idea friendly and most of all, for it to reflect me. It’s clear to me at this point however, that this is going to be one tough cookie to crack for several reasons: 1.) I share the “office” with a life-size limited edition Yoda from Star Wars and other little-size Star Wars figurines. 2.) It also doubles as a guest room for when our family and friends come by and 3.) It is currently still filled with boxes of stuff we don’t know where to put. So, yes the current state of affairs looks less than promising.

I have however, been throwing some ideas together on how to best combine the Star Wars infused part of the room with my own decorating ideas as well as finding the right fabric for the guest sofa/couch so I’m considering this progress. Until I can make something fairly presentable to show to you, aside from my lovely computer and a plant I have not yet killed (thumbs up for me), I’m just going to show you a few offices spaces that make me all giddy with excitement. 

What do you think? I’m especially loving #3, #4 and #5.

Anyone else working from home? Do you have a designated office space?

(Images: We Heart It, Orla Kiely’s office from Bright Bazaar, Coffee and Cat Eye,  House and Home, Love Meagan, Apartment Therapy)

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