Get Organized With This Gorgeous Agenda Planner


I’m a huge agenda planner person. It doesn’t mean I’m necessarily super organized (because I’m not, at all!), but I have this firm belief that owning an agenda and writing things down every once in a blue moon will eventually organize me into a superhero mom/girlfriend/employee. I also need to get off my unicorn every once in a while too, I know.

I’ve been living with this agenda superpowers belief for about 12 years now and granted before I became the three things above I figured it would just help me be an impressively organized student. In fact it worked brilliantly for me in college. In four years I forgot about only one final and luckily it was History (1650-1900) and not to blow smoke up my own butt or anything but history is kind of my thing.

agenda-planners-rosepink-1-460x460 agenda-planners_001_460-460x460

At this moment I own about three planners and I haven’t written anything down in about a week. Because not only do I believe in the power of an agenda book, I also believe in having a really cute one.  Like this gorgeous agenda from Poketo! Definitely the find of the week 🙂

Also, Poketo is kind of amazing for other kinds of stationery & kids toys so make sure to check it out if you’re hanging over there.

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