Best Mealtime Accessories + OYOY Living Design


I mentioned these placemats on Facebook last week but I thought they warranted a little post of their own since they’re truly awesome and so well made. They’re from a Danish brand called OYOY Living Design, which we discovered when looking stocking our store Lemon Mamas. They’re made out of 100% silicone, super easy to clean and they have a punched hole that’s practical for hanging. Lara and Lev absolutely love them as do we.

OYOY acutally has a ton of amazing products, we have a plaid at home that’s absolutely stunning, a wooden mobile that I’ve put in Lev’s room for decoration and which makes a great present for those design conscious mamas and papas. We particularly love their textile pieces and cushions, we’ve already sold out the popular Lion one (we’re trying to get it back in stock for fall perhaps) but the Bear is also super cute.

Some of the placemats are sold out already, we’ve still got the Penguin (Lara’s favorite) and the World one, which I think is super adorable. And they’re both son sale. The rest will be back in stock in the fall!

(image via Viggosmama)

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