Becoming An Aladdin Maven

Hello everyone, apologies for the scarce posting. We’ve been having lots of one day holidays here and France, which result in lots of people taking an extra day off in order to form a “pont” (bridge) with the weekend and voila, you have a few extra days off. So, when I have a day to fully spend it with the little one, very little else gets done. And that includes any blog work, house work, and just work in general. It does include lots of Legos though, but that’s a whole other story.

Yesterday was a holiday as well but surprisingly all the shops were opened so we decided to go for a little tour downtown to browse for some birthday presents (it appears that May is also a month for birthday parties, not just long holiday weekends). We went into one of my favorite shops called “Du Bruit Dans La Cuisine”. I just love going in there, they have the most adorable and yummy things and most of the time I just go in and stare and get my fill that way but yesterday I caved and got another travel mug. Yes, yes, it’s not just the regular coffee mugs that get my coffee on, it’s the travel mugs as well.

So, I got this super cool purple (favorite color alert) eco-friendly Aladdin mug and realized I’ve never checked out any other Aladdin products. I basically ran home to check out what else was hiding on their website, and let me tell you travel mugs will be the least of your “worries” once you check their special artist collection mugs, their BPA free water bottles, their food storage solutions or their stuff for little kiddies. I couldn’t believe I didn’t figure this out before…

So, here’s the scoop. Aladdin has been around since 1908, so I’m thinking they know what they’re doing. And what they’re doing is sustainable, stylish, eco-friendly and above all seriously functional. Their eCycle products are made (on average) from 95% of recycled plastic and each and every one of them is FDA tested and safe. Also, all their products are totally and entirely BPA free. Yayyyyy…

Aladdin products are available at their official e-shop (US only), Amazon (US and & EU) and other specialized stores.

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