Amazing Book Sculptures By Mike Stilkey

I’ve probably mentioned before that Pinterest is one of the biggest sources of inspiration for me. I mean, the creativity you can find on there…geez! I’m not too obsessive about it – yet!- but whenever I check it out I’m simply amazed. And that’s exactly what happened when I saw these book installations and sculptures by Mike Stilkey. Some of the incredible creations are on display in his exhibition “Full of Smiles and Soft Intentions” in Hong Kong’s Time Square this month, presented by LeBASSE projects, but you can also check out his website to see more of his amazing work.

As a bit of a book nut myself, there is nothing I would want more than to decorate our house with a piece (or three) from his book sculptures collection. This one and this one are my favorite. But since I think we’d have trouble finding the space (and the money :-)) to house this 22×10 ft. installation (or the smaller ones for that matter), I’ll just have to admire his work from afar. But admire it, I will!

(Images: LeBASSE projects and Mike Stilkey)

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