Currently On My Nightstand

It’s been rainy and gloomy here since yesterday morning so we’ve just been hiding indoors trying to stay dry.

Well, I haven’t been staying dry because the dog still needs to be walked and I’m a master at picking that precise time to walk him when the storm is hitting the hardest. We’re talking sideways rain and wind that turns your umbrella inside out. Fun, fun, fun!

Anyways, nothing calls for reading books, coffee and/or tea, and chilling more than rain in my opinion, so I just wanted to share what’s currently sitting on my nightstand. I read a few pages of at least one of these books every day, except the “Hygge”, which I’ve already finished and the “All Joy, No Fun”, which I’m sort of re-reading parts of. I’m not reading nearly as much as I’d like but I do try to get through the bare minimum so I can finish these off until summer, realistically speaking.

I avoid reading Tana French’s “Trespasser” at night because it sucks you right in and I’m too scared I won’t sleep if get too into it. It’s happened before and it was NOT pretty the next morning.

I’ve already talked about some of these books over the last couple of weeks already but now I just wanted to share them all together along with my thoughts.

The Parent’s Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice For Modern Parents – This is the book I reach to when I’m having a tough day with the kiddos and I’m not feeling like I’m doing a good job at this whole motherhood thing. It’s truly a wonderful book because it’s full of little mantras that apply to everyday parenting issues. I love the fact that you can read just a page or you can read twenty, you will always get something positive out of it.

The Little Book of Hygge – I thought this was the erfect winter cozy book if that makes any sense. It’s fun and uplifting and full of easy things you can do to make your life cozier. Thanks to this book, I’ve started lighting more candles (note the gorgeous candle on the nightstand) and we’ve been having more people over to the house for just fun gatherings. OK, the latter was also because Vid can’t really walk anywhere haha but we have been intentionally trying to focus on little pleasures and not trying to go places all the time. Does that make sense? It does in my head 🙂

The No-Drama Discipline – This is actually one of my favorite parenting books I’ve read so far. I could really find myself in the book, it’s relatable, it’s real and I love the approach of mindful parenting. The issues they discuss and the solutions they propose make perfect sense. It gives you a good perspective on the difficulties in parenting and gets you thinking about how to approach things in the future. Of course, you’re not going to be able to react in a perfect way every time but I definitely thing it brings more awareness to how you parent and it’s incredibly positive. We talked a lot about it with Vid and we both agree that it truly is a great book. I highly recommend it!

All Joy And No FunAs mentioned, I already read this one a while back and really liked it. This isn’t a book full of parenting advice, rather it takes a look at modern parenting and how it has changed, evolved and also the setbacks. It provides some really great insight and it’s just over all a super interesting read.

The Trespasser – OK, so this is a crime novel and the first one I’m reading by Tana French. It’s fantastic. I love the style and the book will pull you in immediately so if you’re one of those people that need novels that will suck you in from page one, this is it! I’m really looking forward to reading more of her books once I’m done with this one.

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