Stuff to read today…

  • A pretty grueling piece on free range fur in the Vice. Is free range fur better than farm raised? Journalist Jenny Avins investigates. This is some great journalism but personally, I couldn’t stomach doing it. And while I do wear leather (admittedly a bit hypocritical) fur is an absolute NO, NO for me. And now, even more so after reading this. Free range or not.
  • A really interesting and personal article on life after cancer treatment – Salon.com
  • And a funnier bit for the end, Downton Abbey fans are really going to appreciate this. Vanity Fair’s recap of season 2 episodes. On the funny side.

By the way, do you guys like Downton Abbey? I’m obsessed and can’t wait for September when Season 3 will reportedly start airing. I’m dying to see what the Granthams will be up to in 1920’s.

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