Playing With Seedling


Today is Lara’s last day of school before they’re off for the “winter” holidays for two weeks. And this time, for a change, I’m actually prepared with tons of activities and excursions that will keep us busy over the next two weeks. While I love staying at home from time to time and do nothing, I’m usually pretty adamant that if the sun is shining and the weather is nice we should be out and about exploring. It drives Vid nuts but I’ve kind of rubbed off on Lara so she’s always excited to go.

However, the weather isn’t always on our side so I like to be ready for the rainy holiday days as well. Enter Seedling; a wonderful brand from New Zealand that features a wide range of products and incredibly fun craft kits that enable kids and their parents to enjoy quality time together while learning and being creative.

I’m picking up this bird house kit for Lara so we can put it on our terrace. She loved putting the food out for the birdies at her grandparents’ house so I know she’ll be excited to have her own as well.

You can shop Seeedling products here and they ship worldwide. Plus their prices are super reasonable (comparing them to the ones here in craft stores here in France).

P.S. They also have a special capsule collection available for goop now! Your littles can create their own iPod covers or a tote bag.

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