On The Phone With Santa

A young girl talking to Santa Claus on t

I can’t believe we’re already nearing the end of November and that Christmas is just around the corner. In the last couple of years I’ve really fallen in love with the winter holidays all over again and as the days get colder and the promise of December and Christmas decoration nears I just get giddier and giddier.

OK, I could probably do without the cold and frankly the snow is fun for about three weeks and then I’ve sort of had my fill of it, but I just really enjoy the holiday spirit. Lara has already written two letters to Santa ensuring he won’t, and I mean absolutely won’t, forget her camera. It’s really fun to watch her truly partake in the holidays this year. We’ve talked about decorating our house, where we’ll be spending the holidays, who will we be seeing, playing in the snow and so on and so forth. She was already pretty excited about it last year but it was more as was it was happening; this year I can see it building up and it’s making all the more fun.

There’s plenty of Xmas-y stuff happening downtown already and personally I can’t wait for the Christmas fair (or marché de Noël) and churros, lots of churros, yaaaaaay!

So in honor of the upcoming Santa season (and before we jump on all the Christmas shopping and gift guides) here’s a really lovely vintage photo series from LIFE magazine in 1947, which featured kids on the phone with Santa. It was organized by the famous New York City store FAO Schwartz and it involved “an FAO-produced phone system on which children could dial that number and speak directly to Santa himself, laying out their wishes for the holiday: world peace, universal human fellowship, a train set, a bunny. You know, the usual.”

So great!


A 4 year old boy calling Santa Claus fro

Brother and sister taking turns talking

A young girl talking to Santa Claus on t



Santa and Mrs. Claus answering telephone

P.S Vid and I went to FAO Schwartz this summer to pick something for Lara while we were on vacation in NYC and we got so overwhelmed. I couldn’t even imagine Lara coming there, she would go cuckoo!

(all photos via LIFE magazine

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