NYC & Boston, See Ya Soon


So our trip to the States is a mere week away. At this point I’m super excited and super anxious at the same time. I had the best time planning it; our itinerary looks as if we’re a bunch of foreign delegates on a tight schedule and not two happy tourists, but after 5 years of waiting to go back there I had to find a way to curb my enthusiasm and planning was just the trick. Luckily Vid is one organized soul so he wasn’t completely freaked out by my traveling agency ways.

We’re going to visit NYC and Boston and even though we initially wanted to add the West Coast to the scenario, I just couldn’t bring myself to be away for two whole weeks, so we postponed that for another time and compromised on ten days instead. Some of you may be wondering what’s s four days more but let me tell you, when I even think about not seeing Lara for ten I get seriously stressed out already. If you add four more to that, I’m pretty sure I’d have a full blown heart attack by now.


At the same time, I’m super excited about spending ten whole days with my man. The last time we’ve done that was…ohhh, never! This will be the first time! How crazy is that? So ten days of sleeping in, wandering, exploring, eating (OK, and shopping) don’t sound half bad and I absolutely can’t wait.

I think I did a pretty good job with figuring out everything we need to see but we also want to catch a show on Broadway and I’d love some suggestions. Initially I planned on seeing the Orphans but they ended their run early so now I’m at a bit of a loss now.  Maybe The Book of Mormon, or just go classic with Chicago or Wicked?

We’ll be taking lots of photos obviously so I’m hoping to thoroughly document our escapades over here on Style Lemon. Let the countdown begin!

(top image via Sincerely Jules. image of Boston via here)

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