Music Friday Vol. 4 + Our Weekend Plans


How about a little music Friday, since it’s been a while? OK, cool. We have a really fun weekend ahead with a little family visit from Slovenia, a Sunday BBQ and then Vid and I are going to the Rihanna concert. I can’t wait! Not to mention we’re looking at warmer temperatures during next week so I may even be able to bust out the sandals I’ve been so anxious to wear. Nothing summer like just quite yet but at this point I’ll take anything over 20 C°. I’m also deep into planning our USA trip, cautiously walking the fine line of nearly flipping out when I think I’ll finally see all my girlfriends again. I won’t even get into my shopping, sightseeing and restaurant lists because just the latter alone can make me hyperventilate. So yeah, exciting times ahead.

With no further ado, here’s what I’ve been listening to lately. As usual it’s completely random. Kind of like what’s going on in my head.

P.S Have you noticed how I can’t seem to make a single playlist without Florence + The Machine in it? I have.

(image via obaz.com)

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