Music Friday, Vol. 1


I’m starting a music Friday series in which I’ll be posting a short playlist of some of the tunes I’m currently listening to. I have a serious thing for music and have been an avid collector since I first got an iTunes account back in 2004. Since then my music library has gotten quite big so naturally I suffered a minor breakdown last week when my computer broke and I realized I have never backed up a single thing (please don’t judge me). Anyhow, my computer is fixed and my library intact so I’m really happy to share it with you.  You can listen to it and praise my taste in music or you can wonder what I spend my money on, the choice is yours. The only thing I will say is this though: music makes my heart sing with joy (did you like that?) and I absolutely can’t imagine life without it. Sometimes it’s loud and funky, sometimes it’s mellow and calm but it’s always amazing…

P.S. Do you have Spotify? Good.

(image via MIH Jeans S/S 2013 lookbook

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