More Back-To-School Stuff


I’m not going to lie, Lara starting school has been quite an adjustment. For her and for us. She’s actually been a real trooper and bravely went to school this Monday without a single tear but it’s definitely a big change from daycare or “creche” as they call them here in France. I tried preparing her for it this summer already and while she was totally on board with the whole “I’m a big girl now and I’m going to start school” idea, the reality is still tough. I’ve been thinking about it ever since we started last week, discussing it on a daily basis with the bf and have come to the realization that 3 years is holy moly young for mandatory school. It’s a lot for these littles to take! I decided to try and keep it to the obligatory mornings only when I get the chance, just to make the transition a little easier on her.

Another thing I found that has helped with her adjustment (and makes the morning drop off a lot easier) is for us to make plans about the after-school part of the afternoon. Also, allowing her to make some big girl decisions for school, when I took her supply shopping the other day made all the difference.

She picked out her own pencil case (which isn’t really needed but hey, it will be eventually), her new lunchbox, which is really a sandwich keeper, a drinking bottle and a school bag. It got her really excited about going to school and she happily packed her own bag the next day with snacks and a change of clothes. She proudly told me to write down her name on everything so her teacher will know it’s hers and we were on our way. The drinking bottle and the sandwich keeper she picked out were from Crocodile Creek, which is a brand I hadn’t known previously but was really happy to know that it fills our eco-friendly checklist completely with earth friendly materials. I also picked up some of their ice packs after to go along, in case I pack her yogurt or something that needs to be kept cool. She chose a backpack from Tann’s FunBoy collection, which is also made from recycled materials (do we have an environmentalist on our hands???) and looks really cool in my opinion! Mostly, I think she chose it because it has headphones printed all over and lately she’s been really into those. That, dinosaurs and tutus. It’s a really fun combination!



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