Mommy Notes: On raising a girl

I wanted to dedicate a little post to my little peanut who turned 2 on Sunday. The reason I didn’t do it then was because the day was just full of all kinds of festivities and I didn’t even want to come near a computer other than to Skype with her grandparents who wanted to wish her a happy birthday.

When I was pregnant I was so sure I was having a boy and when the doctor told us it was a girl I actually told him to check again. Not because I wanted a boy (truthfully I didn’t care one bit and I don’t think I will once we try for our second either) but because I just had a feeling. Turns out, my feeling was very wrong and we now have a little girl, who at 2 years old is an incredible combination of a girly tomboy that just doesn’t seize to amaze me. And honestly I’m kind of glad our first child ended up being a girl because every day I just feel this incredible bond forming between us that I truly hope stays there forever. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t have that with a boy, I’m convinced I would, just as strong but also different.

There are so many things that make the experience of raising a girl so amazing, and every day I learn new things about her, all the while hoping I’ll be able to raise her well so she grows up to be good, confident and most importantly happy. This can be a scary thing to think about at times, being responsible for a tiny little human. But just seeing how she grows and learns also makes me want to be better; a better mother, partner, friend, everything and in the end, I think, raising a child just comes naturally.

Here are just a couple of things about my peanut that make me smile every day:

  • (I swear this), she dresses herself most of the time. If something she picks out is a little on the crazy side we negotiate. After she dresses herself she says she is pretty and, gosh do I hope she never loses this confidence. She parades around inside and outside the house with little handbags, which, again I swear I had no part of.
  • But then she comes home from daycare all bruised up with dresses that have more dirt on them than on the ground because she’s been racing with the boys in the little play cars again.
  • Watching cartoons together. I just love the smile on her face when right before bedtime we put on her favorite cartoon of the moment and she just wants to sit there with you and comment on the little things that happen in her cute toddler voice.
  • “Mommy come, mommy come,” every single morning. She takes the covers from me and drags my hand until I get up. No matter how much I say it’s daddy’s turn. It’s mommy who needs to get up.
  • Any kind of ball will bring a smile on her face. So will chocolate.
  • I’m constantly impressed how she switches between French and Slovenian. At home I’m “Mami” at daycare I’m “Maman”.
  • Everytime she learns a new word. Every single time.
  • How stubborn she is. It can really test mommy and daddy’s nerves at times but secretly we’re both proud at how strong willed she is.

Above are a few photos from her birthday on Sunday. She’s rocking the hat and the Bee shirt from Gap, which is a new favorite and needs to be washed every day in case the little fashionista wants to put it on. And that also makes me proud.

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  • Lalyne

    She is the most beautiful little thing I’ve ever seen in my life !

  • Tereza

    Adorable!!! Miss her so much 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/RaphaelleLory RaphaL Lory Huérfana

    Your little girl is so funny, I smile reading your blog! really a very nice sweetie (choupette) !
     Masa you are an exellent mother there is no doubt there are cases watched Lara ! you you are a beautifull familly !!

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