Let The Adventure Begin

Hi everyone, sorry for going AWOL since last Tuesday. I’ve bee preparing to travel to Slovenia with the little one and finishing up everything with work so I could take a complete two week holiday, and so I had little time left for blogging. If you read my last post you know the bf and I traveled to USA yesterday, which means I’m typing this from the Lower East Side already 🙂

This past weekend was super hectic, I was driving myself nuts with stress of how we’re going to go 11 days without Lara and so by the time Sunday night rolled around and it was time for us to say our goodbyes for the next few days, everyone have had it with me and were practically shooing me away.


Our Monday travel days started really early and thankfully so since we forgot to fill out some paperwork and had to do it last minute or we wouldn’t have been able to travel. Talk about some serious stress sweating bright and early.  Everything went by really quick though and before we knew it, we were driving in the typical NYC traffic. It was great.

We had all these plans for dinner and drinks last night but as 8 PM rolled around and we just got back from walking around it became pretty clear that our jet lag and exhaustion were beginning to take a toll so we just went straight to bed.
I think we were out in about 15 seconds.

Which brings us to today.


Actual pictures will follow once the coffee kicks in & our adventure begins 🙂

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