Lara’s Advent Calendar


Just a quick post showing you the advent calendar I did for Lara. As I mentioned yesterday, I got inspired by this one from A Beautiful Mess but I made ours much less elaborate. I thought it was going to be tough finding stuff to fill 24 packages with but I actually did just fine. I picked up a regular cardboard calendar with chocolates and used those, as well as party favors like balloons, party games, and keychains.

Lara also loves to draw and color and we go through a lot of markers on a regular basis. So for the calendar I bought a package of special glitter washable markers and wrapped them individually for different days. On some days I just wrapped up a little chocolate from the regular advent calendar. For the four Sundays leading up to Christmas I used a slightly bigger “present” with a Kinder Surprise egg and a little extra like a children’s lipstick, a bracelet, a little ring, and a kiddie nail polish. Because we’re all about glamming it up right now!

I wanted to make the month of December a little more special but admittedly I kept going back and forth on the fact that a little something each day might be a bit much. But I compromised by splitting up the little gifts and trinkets individually and the whole special part is basically the fact that they’re wrapped up as a surprise. If doing a daily surprise isn’t your thing but you still want to do something different, my friend Åsa choose to do only four packages for each advent Sunday but made them a little bigger. And they’re super gorgeous too!

I think we’ll actually make this into a little December tradition! Also just as a little tip, I think little gift pouches like the ones on ABM are a lot simpler. Wrapping up 24 teeny tiny packages was no quick and easy feat (as you can probably tell from their expert wrapping, yikes!).

P.S. None of my special glitter markers worked on the shiny paper so I had to use this really ugly black permanent one. Note to self: be more prepared next year.

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