How About a Camera Bag?


We’ve got a pretty sweet camera at home and we try to take it around as much as possible when we go on our little trips, but when it’s just me and the little one, I rarely take it along. Instead I just rely on my iPhone. That’s quite a pity actually, especially now that I’m working on our project life album and I could really use high quality images.

Part of it is because it’s kind of huge and heavy and while we have a special camera backpack for it, it doesn’t leave much space for anything else so if I did take it along I’d find myself lugging around a backpack, a bag and quite possibly (read: 90% sure) a three year old.

So, lately I’ve been thinking about possibly investing in a chic camera bag for myself that would allow me to take it along, as well as other necessities like snacks, phone, notebook, wallet, baby wipes… You know the drill.

There were a couple of brands I looked at and the price range is about the same with all of them ranging in between a $100-$200, obviously depending on the size. Then there’s ONA, which is a little more on the expensive side but it’s just so gorgeous I couldn’t help myself.


  • Cheeky Lime’s Livy BagCheeky Lime was actually one of the first brands I looked at after I discovered it via Instagram quite a while ago. And this Livy bag is absolutely perfect because it’s so roomy. If you’re looking for a little more color or pattern in your bag this is definitely the way to go.
  • Rebecca Minkoff Craig Camera Bag– This would never fit my camera but I love Rebecca Minkoff so there you have it. If you have a smaller one though it should work great, other than that I’d just use it as a perfect day bag.
  • Epiphanie Lyric Bag – This is actually the one I’m leaning towards the most. I like the bright color, the bucket/hobo-ish design and the fact that it’ll be roomy enough for the camera and an extra lens. As well as a ton of biscuits, apples and everything else I carry around on a daily basis.
  • JoTotes Georgia – Another great variant with a gorgeous nautical print from JoTotes. They have a huge selection with tons of different designs to choose from. I like this one because it’s got a summer feel to it but I also like this classic Gracie in butterscotch as well.
  • ONA Palma – Utterly classic and timeless, this one will never go out of style. It’s not as big as some of the others I looked but it’s made out of top notch leather and is handcrafted, which in my book is about as good as it gets. Pricier as a result but definitely worth the investment.

You know me, I don’t joke around when it comes to handbags 🙂

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