Home Is Wherever I’m With You


It’s back to reality for our little family. On Saturday we packed up our suitcases yet again, said our goodbyes to our little spot by the sea and drove back to our reality in Montpellier. I love summertime and the fact that it’s the only time of the year we truly get intense family time in. Vid travels a lot during the year so the five weeks he gets off in the summer are definitely our favorite because he gets to spend it entirely with us.

But each year towards the end of our month long vacation we all start to miss “our home” and the normalcy and the daily routines of our lives. OK, maybe not so much the work part (even though I secretly or not so secretly miss that too, but the place we call our own, our coffees on the terrace, the rush and chaos in which we get ready every morning, the extra space we have in our apartment and the kitchen that feels truly mine.


I also consider Montpellier our home because I know Lara considers it hers. She was born here and while she sometimes gets confused with the different places we call home and the somewhat gypsy lifestyle we put her through a few times a year, she loves it when she goes back to France, to her little play kitchen, her big bed, the huge (ugly) crocodile, Rosalie the cow and the beach.

I used to feel pretty restless, not really being able to settle down and figure out where I belong or where home is, but now I realize that it’s not so much about the place as it is about the people you are with. In my case my little one and my other half. Somehow moving or travelling seems much less daunting now that I come home to them. Regardless of where this home might be geographically, figuratively speaking it’s where they are.

And a little song that reminds me of that.

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