Happy Halloween! And A Few Other Things

Happy Halloween everyone! We’ll be staying indoors this year but we’re all stocked on candy so if any of you trick or treaters are reading this, we’re ready for you.

I felt really awful that Lara won’t be able to partake in any of the festivities thanks to her bronchitis cough, which sounds a lot like she’s been smoking cigarettes for 20 years, something that’s obviously not possible since she’s a 2 a half year old non smoker. I wanted to cheer her up so I made the mistake of running to H&M quickly yesterday evening in an effort to get her an “incredibly plasticky it will hurt your eyes” kind of princess dress so she could at least dress up and watch cartoons in. But the reason I said this was a mistake is because in a secluded corner of the Montpellier H&M there’s a section that contains H&M All For Children annual limited edition clothing, result of H&M’s collaboration with UNICEF (25% of sales price go to UNICEF project funding). Forget all about the awful princess dress…My friend Polona (a.k.a. the culprit for this particular excursion) did a post on it a few weeks ago and I should just have believed her word for it. I mean the warning signs were all there and they included a house!

Truly, I wanted to buy it all. Unfortunately, I’m not a millionaire, it’s the end of the month and I need to pace myself. Even in H&M. So I picked out a bunny hat, which could potentially be a semi Halloween costume, but I’m really hoping it will end up being a winter hat because it’s so darn adorable. A sweater, which I actually wanted to get for myself but it didn’t come in my size and a pair of ballerinas that didn’t come in my size either. Potentially a couple of shirts may or may not have ended up at the register. Oops, so much for pacing myself.

P.S. Picture disclaimer: taken with my iPhone because Lara decided to deny me the pleasure of documenting her in the bunny hat. Hence why the couch is wearing it. Have a spooky day!

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