Friday’s Carnival


This might not be a big deal at all but this morning my heart almost burst from love into a million little pieces. Lara’s daycare is having a carnival day and so she and all the other little kiddies in her class get to dress up and increase their usual adorableness by like a 1000%. So, when she got dressed up in her little Rapunzel outfit this morning, let me play with her hair AND posed for pictures my heart just couldn’t take it anymore. I just love this little girl so much…

lara-car6 lara-car4


A few more Lara posts: first school day without a diaper and her 2nd birthday celebration.

Photos by Vid Kavticnik

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  • Åsa Danielson

    She’s the Cutest!

  • barbra

    so cute!

  • http://www.facebook.com/zana.tomazic Žana Tomažič

    ….speachless…she is the cutest girl!!

  • Mojca

    Moja prelepa necakinja. Prava princeska!