Flying Henry (+ A Lara Selfie)


Hi, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had a really good one, but this morning… boy it’s been tough! Two coffees later I’m kind of bummed I reached my daily caffeine quota because my eyes are still very prone to closing. Luckily the glare from my computer is stopping them from doing so. As is the inevitable to-do list that’s already haunting me for the week ahead. So, I’m starting off this hot summer Monday on a light note with a cute photography series I just stumbled upon via the Newsweek Tumblr by a former Daily Beast contributor Rachel Hulin.

She photographs her son a midst his “aerial” adventures. The “Flying Henry” series is really inventive, not to mention it captures the absolute delight of a child being flown and discovering new things. Obviously, Henry isn’t really flying, instead she takes pictures of him being held and then works the magic photo editing wand and eliminates the adults from the pictures. Really cool, huh?

fh_1  fh_3


I’m thinking of starting a Lara photo series as well. Although for hers I’m not really necessary, as I’m thinking of titling it: Lara’s Selfies (see below, kissy face & all). Thoughts?


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