Children Inspire Design (And Me For That Matter!)

This ought to make your Monday night.

You’re probably already aware of how I feel about eco-friendly products and designs by now. And you’re probably also aware that I have a tiny obsession with wall art and prints. So when you combine the two together + little kiddies what you get is Children Inspire Design.

CID is a wonderful little line of modern, eco-friendly and culturally diverse wall art, postcards, prints & posters. Probably the best part of it is that inspires and instills global thinking in children, compassion for others and for the planet we live on; something I hope I’m able to instill in my daughter as she grows up. And with that I’m totally on board with the artist and entrepreneur behind CID, Rebecca Peragine, who believes that if you beging teaching your children about global responsibility at a young age, carrying that responsibility into the future will become second nature for them.

And as it’s practically nighttime for little ones over here, I’ve got to say this is favorite print of mine from the CID line is very appropriate.

“Sleep my child, for tomorrow you will move mountains…”

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