Barcelona Real Quick


I wanted to post about our weekend yesterday but, as is often the case with Mondays and catching up on work, time just got away from me. We took a quick spontaneous trip to Barcelona for the weekend to visit some friends. Unfortunately we also brought along some bad weather so the city that’s usually absolutely amazing (it’s one of my faves), didn’t look so hot on Saturday. It did make up for it on Sunday though.


We walked around a little bit, had some delicious food and wine, slept VERY little thanks to a certain someone who apparently decided that sleeping is for losers and only makes you miss out on things, and so on and so forth. I also took a few hours to myself late Saturday to go check out some stores and almost hyperventilated about how much cheaper stores like Zara, Oysho and Women’s Secret are over there. I obviously jumped at the opportunity and stocked up on some school clothes for Lara (geez these kids grow fast!) but I’m obviously going to have to return soon. I know right, what a torture!

I had my lovely camera with me and didn’t use it once so these wonderful iPhone snapshots will just have to do. I know, I know it’s pretty terrible but what are you going to do, things just get away from me sometimes…

And of course, Starbucks and Happy Pills! Honestly, if we got one over here in Montpellier I would need to get a second job to pay for all the Chai Lattes I’d drink. Or maybe I could just work there and get them for free. I mean, that is how it works right?




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