Au Revoir Binky


Yes, the time has come . Well, not really yet but I’m thinking the time should come for Lara to bid au revoir to her pacifier. Now, to tell you the truth I haven’t been as concerned about her binky habit as perhaps I should have been. I figured that eventually she will just sort of wean off it as she’ll get bigger. We didn’t really focus that much on getting her potty trained and bam, it just sort of happened. One day at the end of last August she said she didn’t want a diaper anymore and we just sort of took it from there (yaaaay!). So, I’m sort of hoping our binky habit will eventually get the same treatment.

But lately I’ve been feeling a lot of peer pressure that we should start weaning her off already. To be completely honest, I don’t think she’s ready yet but I have started preparing the territory a little bit. We’ve considered asking her to give it to Santa but Christmas just happened and so that’s a whole year away and she starts school (école maternelle) in the fall. We’ve talked about her giving it to the pool cleaning robot for “lunch” this summer (don’t ask but I’m totally not kidding about this) and she initially agreed but has since changed her mind. For some reason she thinks a binky won’t make a very nutritious lunch for a robotic device that cleans my dad’s pool. Smart kid.

So less a post and more of a question for mommies & daddies: when did you start weaning your little ones off their binky and how did you do it?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/plutana Ana Plut

    Moja mati pravijo, da (pre)dolga uporaba dude ni dobra že zaradi ugriza in da se takoj vidi, kateri otroci so jo dolgo uporabljali…je pa baje mojo dudo odnesla veverica. 😀

    • StyleLemon

      Jah sej vem, samo, kot pravim ne vem kako bi lotila tega. Ce bom moji rekla, da jo je veverica odnesla, bo vztrajala, da greva v trgovino po novo. A je bil fejst jok in stok po tem, ko ti jo je odnesla?

  • Guest

    Pri meni ne…sem bla relativno naiven otrok in sem verjela, da je bla tista duda zadnja na svetu. Moj brat je zahteval enako kot bi Lara…bom vprašala, kako so se znašli! :))

    • http://www.facebook.com/plutana Ana Plut

      Eh. Še dobro, da sm tole dala v nov komentar, namesto pod reply. Mi ne dovoli zbrisat. 🙂