A new must read for all fashionable mommies: The Glow

Oh you’re in for a treat today my darlings…

Since becoming a mother I adopted this whole new outlook on well, most things to be honest, but particularly I developed a new awareness of just how amazingly gratifying and difficult at the same time motherhood can be. Mommies who can do it all are my new idols and even though none of us have it together all the time and we all have to find the right balance on a path that works for us and our own children, I still find comfort knowing there are women out there who share my experience in one way or another. I think the mommy support system can be such a great thing if you take everything into account of course. One thing I learned is that not everything that works for one mommy and her baby works for another. Like I said, we all find our middle ground and what works for us.

So, when I came across “The Glow”, via MyLittleKids (another great French website you should totally check out) I practically shrieked with excitement. Fashionable, gorgeous and business savvy mommies sharing their experiences, secrets and ideas, complete with some gorgeous photos. The website was co-founded by Violet Gaynor and Kelly Stuart in 2011 and has since become a fashionable little mommy mecca. Now hop on over there and enjoy!

(Images: The Glow)

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