Fun Tips That Will Make Parenthood A Little Easier…

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…and give you a chance to take a little break. Not going to lie folks, we’ve been experiencing some serious nerve testing lately from our little one. No more naptime has a lot to do with it I think, as does the fact that she started school and that place is a whole another ball game. We’ve been hearing a lot more no’s (being shouted and screamed), bedtime refusals, etc. etc. and quite frankly it can get a bit cuckoo at times. Seriously cuckoo. I actually think sometimes it takes so long for her to fall asleep that I might be sleeping before her. Other times she will literally sing herself to sleep. One minute it’s like a kiddie concert in there with walls used as leg drums and the next minute it’s silence and I find her asleep in the funniest positions. But it’s not so much what happens when she’s finally in bed; it’s getting her there that’s the hard part. If we manage to do it in under an hour, I consider it a good day and give myself a little pat on the back. Self rewarding I tell ya! So, we’re just trying to figure out what works, what the limits are but mostly we’re just taking it day by day until we, hopefully, grow out of this phase SOON-ish. Mamma needs some sleep too!

Lucky for me I have the most amazing girlfriends who are always ready to listen when I’m experiencing one of those horrible “am I a good mommy moments” and they’re there either to commiserate, listen, or cheer up, whatever the situation calls for. And such was the case today when my bff emailed me this fun article on 20 life hacks that make parenting more fun. Some of these are pretty spectacular and most importantly they made laugh. Plus I think if I made a hammock beneath our dining room table it just might make me Lara’s hero for life.

Get clicky clicky for the rest!

Oh kiddies, you can drive us nuts at times but you’re kind of awesome too!


Monster spray idea via here.

Hammock idea via here.

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