We’re Back!


Hello hello! Lari and I are finally back from our trip to Slovenia last week. We came home, exhausted on Saturday night and while I was meaning to post a little something yesterday, any desire to do so vanished when I woke up on Sunday morning with suitcases and clothes spread out everywhere and our apartment in an even worse state of disarray than usual. However, if you think I cleaned instead of wrote, you would  be wrong as well. Our day was mostly spent recuperating, napping and watching TV. Not exactly “mom of the year” type of stuff but judging by the fact that Lara wasn’t exactly complaining about watching Tom & Jerry, I’m guessing she didn’t mind a low key day that much either.

Our trip was so much fun, we saw our family and friends and celebrated Lara’s third birthday, which was a huge success. So huge in fact, that I was asked repeatedly for the rest of the week if it’s still her birthday and if we’re going to have cake again. Kids! Anyhow, we were running around all week, doing one thing or another and so, by Tuesday, it was pretty clear to me I will not get anything done and so I decided to just let it go and enjoy the quality time. I swear, going home is like a productive black hole for me but sometimes those can feel good, especially if you’re averaging 9 hours of computer time per day. What a sicko!

But all good things and all productive holes end at some point and so we’re back with a spring in our step. No actual spring on the horizon yet – sorry folks – but you know what they say, hope dies last!

P.S Photos from Lara’s grand birthday party will be up later tonight.

(image via here)

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