Weekend Plans + A New Version Of Little Red Riding Hood

So, I got my little family back Monday night, at last and I’m so happy. I can’t possibly put into words how much I missed them.

I was so excited to have Lari and Lev home at last that we stayed up waaaaay past their bedtime, revisited ALL the toys that have not been played with for the past two weeks and Lev even graced me with his version of Little Red Riding Hood featuring monster trucks police cars, and an ambulance. You know the version where Little Red has a monster truck, the wolf is chased by the police car and an ambulance comes to help grandma?

You don’t know it? Well, you’ve been missing out 🙂

Anyways, even though I still had to go to work the next day and don’t really get to see them much during the day, just knowing that they are home when I get there and I can make them dinner and do the whole bedtime shebang feels so amazing.

It’s so easy to kind of forget these little things because when you’re a SAHM or work from home since they are just a given. I have cherished these moments before but now that I get less time with them I almost feel as if I should have cherished those bits even more. Ahhh always something, right? Balancing isn’t easy I tell ya!

Buuut we’ve got a 3-day weekend coming up and Vid and I booked a little getaway for the four of us to Costa Brava on and I couldn’t be more excited about it. We were actually so pumped as we booked it that we literally opened a bottle of wine to celebrate haha.

It’s some kind of wonderful that we’re so excited to spend time with each other, my heart is so full!

Almost there folks!

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