Weekend Bits & Pieces


Happy Monday folks! I hope you had a good weekend.

Ours was just what we needed after a long week that seemed like it might never end. We were graced with warmer weather on Saturday and spent the entire morning after Lara’s judo class in the park with friends. It was so nice and we had such a good time. We took Chandler along and by the time we got home Lev and him were exhausted and down for a nice little nap.

Lara went to a friend’s house to play and I worked a little bit and watched some TV. No idea why I didn’t take a nap myself because I’ve been feeling super tired the whole weekend but OK. In the evening we went to visit some friends to watch France play Island for the quarter finals. Slovenia didn’t play their match against Russia until later Saturday night so I had to watch that one all by myself. Well, Chandler was with me but I’ve got to admit he’s not much of a viewing partner. They wooooon and are now playing Qatar tomorrow! I’m not nervous at all… No, no why would you think that haha?



It rained the whole day yesterday so we spent the morning playing at home in our PJ’s, which is when I took these pictures and in the afternoon we went to an indoor playground, which initially seemed like one of the poorer decisions I’ve made because there were like 300 people there. I felt so overwhelmed and thought the kids were either going to get hurt somehow or just not be able to play at all because there were just so many people.

But they had a great time and really got those wiggles out. Once we got home I plopped them both into the bath for like 30 minutes, which seemed to really tire Lev out because he was sound asleep by 8.30PM! I was worried I was in for a real evening party because he took a 3 hour nap earlier in the day but it seemed like the eventful afternoon really tired him out. High fiving myself again for that one!  Lara was also out in like 10 minutes and so I had the rest of the evening to binge watch romantic comedies.





I started the night before with “Sweet Home Alabama” and finished off Sunday evening with the classic “When Harry Met Sally”. In between those two were the “Lake House” and “The Choice” (I’ve watched the latter like 4 times in the past 3 months! Oops). For some reason I was just really feeling that easy romantic vibe (I must be really missing my husband LOL). Do you ever get that? Just like a few days when you’re really craving certain types of shows or movies? For example when I’m sick I’m really into the Godfather for some reason. Or when I’ve had a hard week I just want to watch movies that easily “digested” like Die Hard haha. Please tell me I’m not the only weirdo like that? Oh another show I’ve been absolutely obsessed with for the past two months is “The Crown”! It’s fantastic and Vid likes it too. Check it out if you haven’t yet, I promise it’s a real treat.


Anyhow, the weekend just flew by and we’re now officially in the last week of the World Championship! I’m so proud of Vid and the Slovenian team and am crossing my fingers, toes and anything else I manage to cross for tomorrow’s match. Also looking forward to getting my hubby back soon! But not too soon, OK?

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