Weekend At The Beach & Avignon

Hello everyone and happy August! The past few weeks just flew by yet again and here we are now, with one month of summer left.

My mom came for a visit last week and to help us out with the kids a little since Vid started pre-season training and I’m working. I signed them up for summer activities as well but those didn’t start until this week so were really happy she could come and help us out. Appreciate it momma!


Over the weekend we decided to enjoy a little beach time. Can you believe we live 10 minutes away and the last time I went was in May? Umm, yeah we needed to fix that one fast. So on Saturday we hauled ourselves to the beach bright and early (relative I guess) and had an amazing day. The kids loved it, my mom loved it and I loved it. We’re going again this Saturday!

Is it weekend yet???

I also carried my camera with me all weekend and experimented a little bit with the 50mm portrait lens, which I officially freaking love. So sorry for the photo overload. But hey, it’s been a while!

On Sunday we decided to do some sightseeing in Avignon, which is about an hour’s drive from Montpellier. It’s such a beautiful town I’m embarrassed to say that after 7 years of living here it was my first time there. We walked around for a little bit and then went to visit the Pope’s Palace. Vid and I were in the Vatican last year so visiting the palace in Avignon was something we knew we needed to do.

I’m a history buff so that was a definite treat for me and Lara really liked it too. It made me so happy because now I know I can drag her around sightseeing when we go somewhere and she’ll love it. The palace was less Lev’s cup of tea and the whole tour fell right in the middle of his nap time but he was still so good, I was very proud of him. We tried to make it interesting by inventing dragon stories hahaha. No statues were turned over and no walls scribbled on. In my book that counts for a pretty fantastic day 😉

Afterwards we went ahead and got ourselves some ice cream (banana split for Lev and me) and then headed back home. Both Lari and Lev proclaimed they were not the least bit tired on the way back and then they both fell asleep about 30 seconds later. #momlife

Hashtag: best weekend ever!

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