Trio Fantastico Goes Skiing

If you follow me on Instagram you were probably treated to an overload of pictures and stories already but if you don’t then you will be now haha.

A few weeks ago, during school’s winter break I decided to take my little dragons skiing. This was two years in the making but honestly it was the first year that I could have actually done it on my own. I think last year Lev was still a little too small and it would have probably been a logistical nightmare that would have freaked me out for years to come.

That said, skiing is super important to me, I have incredible family memories of going skiing when I was little and I want my kids to have the same so I didn’t want to waste too much time in giving them a chance to learn how to ski and experience the joys of a skiing holiday. I was nervous before we left, I’ll admit that off the bat. I mean I spend a ton of time with them on my own and we’ve gone on summer holidays alone, we’ve taken long car trips alone but skiing in my mind was a whole different ball game.

Well, let me tell you: SHAME ON ME for being such a Debbie Downer before we left because our week was amazing! Exclamation point full on!

Of course, the process of getting ready and lugging a bunch of equipment up and down was challenging but the kids handled it like champs. Even when they were tired, and trust me they (especially Lev) were tired they still helped me out as much as they could. We were also lucky that friends were there that took Lara skiing in the afternoons so she could make the most of it, or watched Lev so I could do a couple of runs with her.

Honestly, I’ve never felt more truth in the saying “it takes a village” as I had over the course of this last year and I truly want to thank every single person that has jumped in and helped us out in any way over the last couple of months.

But back to the ski trip. The kids had sooo much fun, they both loved it and would have loved to stay for another week. We also had a pool in the hotel so in case they weren’t completely done for by the time we got home from the slopes we could go down to the pool for an hour and that definitely did the job. We slept like champs each night, myself included because we shared a hotel room obviously so I was out by 8 PM with them.

We got so lucky with the weather too and I was honestly thanking my lucky stars because it really made it even more magical.

Here’s a a couple of photos from our time there and last but not least, I need to thank my little dragons for making my week off so much fun. I can’t wait for next year!

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