Thursday Things…

Our entire Thursday actually shaped up to be a Saturday or Sunday like day for us here. You know, the whole family just hanging out together. Our weekends are rarely spent together as Vid is usually traveling so it’s usually more of a trio fantastico kind of affair. I’ve grown accustomed to that over the past few years but I still miss him a lot so I truly appreciate those moments when he has a sort of day off and we’re all together like this. Definitely brings a smile to my face 🙂

We still wanted to go out to get some fresh air and give our new rain boots a christening but we never made it because the rain has been literally pouring down ALL DAY LONG! I liked it in the beginning but I was still hoping we’ll be able to get out a little. I get serious cabin fever if I’m indoors all day. Anyone else have that?

As for Thursday Things…

I’ve been spending my days in basic tees, knits and plaid shirts and I’ve been loving the simplicity of it. No fuss getting dressed in the morning and it feels totally autumnal. I got these jeans a few weeks ago and have been obsessed with them. Even if my knees are kind of cold haha.


I’ve been browsing for running clothes the other day and came across this Oiselle running bride outfit. Such a fun wedding concept if you’re a running couple. I love it! And they have bridesmaid dresses too 🙂 I also love the rest of their stuff…


Lara and Lev have become such tea drinkers, we literally have afternoon tea parties with cookies, fruit and everything. I’ve been making them this Healthy Living Super Fruits infusion with a little agave sirup. They’re obsessed.


I also found a couple of fall crafts I’d like to do this weekend. We’re probably not doing Halloween trick or treating this year because we’ll be in Slovenia but I’d love to do some fall decor for the house. I like the idea of these autumnal mason jars… Or these. Actually, I like the idea of mason jars any time of the year!


Also, naps in my arms. Can he stay this little forever please???


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