Thursday Things

We finally went out to get the kids an autumnal wardrobe update. I swear they both had a furious growth spurt over the summer and when we got back to Montpellier and our regular closets, nothing and I truly mean nothing, that’s even remotely cold weather appropriate fits them. Like by a long shot!

I also had to get them rain boots and while I love Hunter rain boots for adults and kids alike, I’m not such a big fan of the price, especially since I know that in 6 months they may no longer fit. So I picked up these instead (for Larafor Lev)… I think they’re too cute!

rain-bootsWe also went downtown yesterday to see all the pink umbrellas they put up for Pink October, which is breast cancer awareness month. I love it! Can you spot Lara and Lev???


These cute beaded rings in solid rose, yellow or white gold from Mejuri… Perfect for every day wear đŸ™‚


Had a great run today in a really pretty spot by the river. I almost collapsed after but it was fun haha.


It’s sweater & beanie weather here! Well, at least in the morning. The temperature difference has been quite drastic from morning to afternoon and I think that may be why we’re all battling colds around here. I love these Mio beanies we just re-stocked at Lemon Mamas.



And tomorrow is Friday! Yay! I was hoping to be able to get my hair done this week since I had to cancel my last appointment but it looks like I’ll still have to handle this horrible untamed mane for at least another week. I’m so sick of my hair it’s crazy. I constantly have it up in a bun because when it’s down it just doesn’t look like anything, plus it bothers me to no end and constantly gets in the way. Any ideas as to what to do? I’d love to do a drastic color change but I think I’m too much of a chicken…

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