These Dark Days…


I wasn’t sure whether to even write this post or not and wondered whether it would have been better to just kind of stay quiet this week because pretty much everything I could write about seems quite trivial in light of the events that are happening around the world. What could I possibly write or say that would make any sense after that. So much pain and suffering around the world and here I am talking about beauty routines and pretty little things for kids. It just seemed wrong.

I’ve been drowning myself in news all week, trying to be informed on as many things as possible. And I’ve been trying to find the right balance in between what’s happening and between the life we will go on living. This blog is a part of my life and sometimes when the world is going through its darkest moments it’s nice to turn to something lighter. Because we need that in our lives as well and I truly wish everyone could partake in that all over the world.

It’s been a hellish week for many, and it’s been a hellish year for many more, and a hellish lifetime for so many others. My heart and my thoughts are with you, I promise. Never forget.

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