The Week Starts Now + A Few Extra Days For The SlowFactory Giveaway

Hello again everyone. Since I disappeared after posting my huge plan to clean out my closet last Friday I should probably tell you that I didn’t get lost while cleaning it and stopped posting,  I just got sick. Or better yet, Lara and I got sick.

I haven’t had a fever that high in quite some time and it just wouldn’t go away either. For a while there I pretty much just wanted to crawl into a hole (or the aforementioned closet) and die (insert dramatic sigh). Then sometime during my fever Lara managed to get a double ear infection and an eye infection because hey, she wasn’t about to get topped by her mama so here we were, all hauled to the doctor’s yet again. Awesome start of the week I tell ya.

There were a couple of things I wanted to tell you about over the course of the last couple of days but unfortunately my mind was about as slow as a dial up internet connection and operating any kind of machinery was just out of the question. We’re extending the Slowfactory giveaway until Sunday so in case you haven’t entered yet, now is your chance.   Simply head over to their FB  or Twitter page or leave a comment below using the words spacesunmoonstarplanet, or nebula, followed by a hashtag #slowfactory. The winners will be announced next Monday. The lovely peeps at Slowfactory are also extending the promotional offer to get 30% off everything for a little longer so if you’re short of a few Xmas presents just head on over there and use STYLE231112 at checkout to get your discount.

As for us we’re feeling a little better today, although our noses are still as stuffy as they get and my head still has a tendency to feel like it’s going to explode. But we’re off to business as usual so more posts to come this week. We’re also crossing our fingers that this is it when it comes to sick days for 2012. And hopefully for the upcoming year as well if we’re lucky…

Have a lovely Wednesday 🙂

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