The Heart Of The City In Lights



Happy Monday friends! I hope your weekend was wonderful (ours was so much fun) and I hope you’re ready because there’s a big photo series coming your way, all documented on Friday night when we went to see the light shows in Montpellier.

“Coeur de Ville en Lumières” or “The Heart of the City in Lights” as I quite literally translated for you are six minute long (on average) light show projections that are displayed on different buildings in 9 different locations through the city of Montpellier. It’s only the third year that the city is doing this but the shows are a huge success and rightfully so. They were amazing and I’m so, so happy we got to experience it.



The shows were on for three nights from 6.30PM until 10PM, which gives you enough time to visit and experience all the locations. We only did 5 of them with friends because we had all the kids and by the time it was 9PM the youngest members of the group were pretty cooked. (see evidence below 🙂 )


All the projections were fantastic but I have to admit that of those we saw, the one at the Préfecture and Musée Farbre were my favorite. I think the one in Préfecture in particular, with its circus theme, was so great for the kids. I felt a little bad because Lev spent the night in his stroller and was pretty freezing by the time we were done because he refused to keep his blanket on, but I was afraid to take him out and let him run around because it was so crowded. He’s a little wild one and I was sure I’d just spend the night trying to keep him safe. We tried to get prime viewing spots for the kids and succeeded for the most part so everyone really got the most out of it. We all really loved it so if you have a chance to go next year, I can’t recommend it enough!









I took some videos for Vid as well, I felt bad he was missing it all, but he was in Moscow and got to visit the Red Square surrounded by snow in all its winter glory so I guess he wasn’t doing so shabby either haha.



It was also great because we got to experience Montpellier by night with all the Christmas decorations. It’s something we don’t get to do very often and I made a mental note to fix that. It’s so easy to sometimes forget about the beauty of the place you live in because you see it every day, while running around on your usual business and you never stop to just appreciate it. So that’s what I did on Friday night. I took so many pictures, I just wanted to remember it all.





We’re most likely going to leave in a few years to move back home to Slovenia but Montpellier will always have such a special place in my heart. It’s where my kids were born and it’s where some of the most important and precious years of my life happened and I want to make sure I hold on to these memories.

I posted some of it on Instagram as well and hopefully you got to see the videos on my Instastories.

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